Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition only £54.99

Dealspwn: Halo 5 is set for release on October 27th of this year, and with its Limited Edition sitting at around £79.99 and upwards we are a little shocked to see this listing strumming its stuff like the big I am at only £54.99 with the voucher code below.

Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition (Xbox One) - £54.99
Lock and load with the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition which includes the Warzone REQ Bundle - 14 Premium Requisition packs to enhance Spartan combat.

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TheImprobableMulk1179d ago

Not really feeling this particular LE tbh, but that's a fine price for those who are interested. Hopefully this will mean we'll see some good deals for the base game as well.

spicelicka1179d ago

omg is this the limited edition? I thought the little guardian statue was only in the collectors edition! I have the limited pre-ordered, can't waitt.

-Foxtrot1179d ago


No way in hell am I paying for that £200 edition when it doesn't even come with a physical disc

GearSkiN1179d ago

U can trade your digital for physical

-Foxtrot1179d ago

They haven't announced retailers and the like

They are probably thinking of America again to be honest

I mean can you imagine GAME doing that. Trust me I worked there and I'd be surprised if they did. They are greedy b*******

Fact is why should I buy an expensive edition then go out my way to trade my code it. Just put it in the box, they probably aren't even finished manufacturing them yet. There's still time to change

Take DLC Code out, include a game disc within the Steelbook. Problem solved.

donthate1179d ago


"Take DLC Code out, include a game disc within the Steelbook. Problem solved."

It is solved for you, but for us that want digital it wouldn't work.

It is a selfish solution that solves "my problems" and not everyones.

DarkBlood1179d ago

@donthate, an expensive edition has no business having a digital copy only model

donthate1178d ago


So people that want the most expensive version strictly all just want the physical disc version?

I can happily say, I disagree, and I am sure there are others like me.

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