Super Mario Maker Amiibo Costumes Detailed, Can Be Unlocked Even Without Amiibo

The official Super Mario Maker Japanese website has detailed the several amiibo costumes included in the game. Costumes can also be unlocked without amiibo figures and cards

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R00bot1202d ago

This is great. I like seeng the amiibo used more as a shortcut of sorts than as an exclusive unlock.

wonderfulmonkeyman1201d ago

Even though I own several and fully appreciate the small unimportant bonuses they grant, I still agree with you.
Having the option will at least take away the reason for any complaints from Amiibo haters, which translates into one less problem for this game to have to deal with.

R00bot1200d ago

Yeah well in effect making them unlock things is like them being DLC that's often hard to find.

wonderfulmonkeyman1200d ago

Yeah, which is why I'm glad 99% of the content connected to them is not essential content.
If Splatoon, for example, had started hiding multiplayer maps behind Inkling Amiibo, I would have been just as upset with Nintendo as the current batch of Amiibo haters.XD

R00bot1200d ago

Yeah, I agree completely. Small stuff is fine. Mk8 driver outfits, for example, are a great incentive to buy them. Not needed by any means, but it's fun to flaunt online like "I have that rare amiibo that you don't have" :P

1200d ago