Xbox chief doesn’t see 'as much value' in TV cable box features

When Microsoft originally unveiled the Xbox One nearly two years ago, the software maker was focused heavily on entertainment. Reaction was swift and critical from fans, and the launch quickly turned into a disaster. Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Xbox chief, took over the role around a year ago and he has re-centered the company's focus on gaming. In an interview with The Verge, Spencer has shared some of his vision around the future of the entertainment features in the Xbox One.

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Septic1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Good! That whole focus dragged the console down massively!

"Whether I think I'm going to become an additive thing to your cable box... I'm not sure we have as much value to add there in the long run where I think about where the space is going."

Yup its the right move in this medium. They went in FAR too strongly with that approach at the start of this gen, completely misreading the appeal to the target audience. Harsh lessons learnt there!

Godmars2901266d ago

They were trying to latch onto cable, make people pay for it and XBL, when the popular thing is becoming to cut it. To break the monopoly that cable's become.

meanthyme1266d ago

The addition of a usb digital tv tuner which recieves free OTA channels completely disproves that point of view.

Godmars2901266d ago

You're talking about something they did after messing up with the connection to cable. All of the reversals after DRM.

_-EDMIX-_1266d ago

Yes....losing will do that to you.

" They went in FAR too strongly with that approach at the start of this gen"

I don't mind them getting the TV stuff out of the way, we can't just ignore that the consoles theses days do it all.

My only issue with that is its clear lots of the systems tech was around that move ie the OS's footprint.

They can make the next XB the same way and I won't have an issue, merely focus on making a much more powerful system. The game in GPU's this gen is pretty huge.

ShottyatLaw1266d ago

I honestly believe this is an example of the downfall of focusing too closely on market analysis reports, rather than recognizing consumers' true interests.

I am sure that reports from the 360 showed that people use their consoles for video and other, non-gaming activities quite substantially. Likewise, Kinect 1.0 sold very well. Looking at the numbers and reports alone, those out of touch with the core audience would think more multimedia and more Kinect is what the audience desired. We know that wasn't the case.

Don't get me wrong, though. I greatly enjoy all of the added features and multitasking built into the system. If you came to my house during the last two NFL seasons, you would find someone fully utilizing the HDMI in for cable, Snap, apps, and Kinect on an extensive basis. But Phil is right, I don't see very much value in focusing on these extras, especially from Microsoft's perspective.

If we're not first and foremost buying games, they're not making money, and their consumers aren't truly invested in their games console. It's a simple philosophy, and its one I believe the current team understands.

aerisbueller1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

You couldn't be more right about market analysis. It's responsible for alot of gamers' woes. Almost any time you can start a game industry question with 'why in the world would...' it all falls into place when viewed through the lens of market analysis.

Especially those situations where devs have to strike out on their own because their company won't allow them creative freedom or control. Unfortunately, though they have charts and graphs analyzing the performance of specific genres and franchises, they don't seem to have a way to account for how things like fun, originality, or a particular dev's creative vision factors into equation

Lennoxb631266d ago

I like the TV features of the X1, but I like the games more.

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Simmo3D1266d ago

Kinect dragged down the Xbox One. TV dragged down their unveiling.

reallyNow1266d ago

I think Kinect is the only worthwhile feature of XB1. Otherwise its just a larger, slower, PS4.

reallyNow1266d ago

Why not? It's a pretty decent device, and a LOT more can be done with it. Same with the Move + 3D. It's really a shame that gamers are too old and stubborn to move on and experience new ways of gaming. It worries me that my VR experiences might be limited because everyone will just keep buying Call of Duty instead of investing in new ways of having fun.

fOrlOnhOpe571266d ago

He was certainly the right man for the job.Something akin to keeping the Titanic afloat with a baling bucket.
Kudos to him.

MasterCornholio1266d ago

More like Don Mattrick went down with the ship and then Phil came along to rescue the survivors.

nix1266d ago

again. Don Mattrick alone didn't make that decision. in the company as big as MS, the guys above him probably made it. he was probably told to make sure it heads THAT direction. he was just the show pony for all that mess. then after the mess, they got Phil to head it the other way. Phil is lucky that he wasn't in the place of Don two years back. if he was there, you all would have been shouting at Phil for bringing it down.

MasterCornholio1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )


Again Don chose how to achieve those goals. There were many other ways that he could have combined gaming and media services into one device.

The higher ups don't necessarily design everything.

Don Mattrick is far from innocent which is what im saying.

MasterCornholio1266d ago

Well im happy that they changed their focus.

Dedicating half of the unveiling to TV stuff and then bragging about showing the console was really painful to watch. I remember Blow said that the unveiling wouldnt be focused on games and everyone thought he was just attacking Microsoft due to the problems he had with them in the past. I wish he wasnt right.

Anyways its good to see the Xbox brand being focused on games again. That whole spectacle with TV shows and Kinect was just really stupid in my opinion especially after many disliked the first Kinect.

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