Wii U Lifetime Sales Are Now 10 Millions, 3DS 50 Mln; Nintendo Predicts 3.4 Million Wii U This Year

Nintendo posted its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 (between April 1st and June 30th), and they’re positive, with the company ending the quarter in the black.

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Metallox1178d ago

Terrible sales for Wii U, as always, and Nintendo 3DS containing a little bit its dramatical decline. Nice to see Nintendo posting good results though.

On the bright side, and this is information that doesn't appear in the piece, btw, Splatoon has sold 1.62 million units to date, the game did in a bunch of weeks what Pikmin did in its entire lifetime. That's just incredible, I hope Nintendo starts making more new IPs.

MightyNoX1178d ago

On the brighter BRIGHTER side, they're making profits. Wii U won't end up being a money sink. It's why they're not lowering its price, they'll ride this gen out with as little loss as possible. IMHO, that's a very good approach and they're pulling it off.

NX is destined to come out of the gate with DQXI and 2 SQENIX games as launch titles. We're off to a good start.

higgins781178d ago

On this brighter brighter BRIGHTER side, Nintendo have released some of the finest games of all time this gen, be it on the WiiU or 3DS. Yes, it would be nice if the WiiU got the recognition it deserves via sales, but for me, sales just show trends, nothing else, nothing more. Quality will stand the test of time.

F0XHOUND1178d ago


The % of those 10million units sold, specifically wanted a wiiu for its games, is probably almost 100%!

Ps4 and Xbox are just the rest of the gaming market split. I've always said, pick ps4 or Xbox as your main multi play and bonus exclusive platform, but psn a Nintendo for the magic it brings with its exclusives. If you want GTA.... like millions do, by another console and boost those sales.... they're different markets tbh, and wiiu isn't a failure at 10m. Look at the sales of games like Mario kart etc

MrSwankSinatra1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

DQXI is not confirmed for NX. As in typical fashion for gaming journalist they don't fact check. NX is being considered for DQXI, last time I checked consider doesn't equal confirmed.

_-EDMIX-_1178d ago

@Higg- " Nintendo have released some of the finest games of all time this gen"

??? Nope and nope. They've easily haven't released their BEST this gen, that is some complete BS.

Biggest stretch thus far.

@Foxhound- 10 million is a failure bud, I'm not sure why anyone would really try to spin that.

NX is likely coming next year and they haven't even got GameCube sales.

GameCube is no longer the joke system...Wii U is now the new GameCube in terms of failure jokes lol

Shnazzyone1178d ago


Someone is in denial. Have you played mario Kart 8? I have played every single mario kart, that is THE BEST mario Kart.

Have you played Pikmen 3? Pikment 3 is THE BEST PIKMEN.

Have you played Smash Brothers 4? SURPRISE! THE BEST SMASH BROTHERS!

Kids are going to be nostalgic about Splatoon in 10 years like I was nostalgic about goldeneye.

Bayonetta 2 and wonderful 101 are the best of their genre.

Oh, and all these games are actual exclusives.

Nevermind if you add in 3ds, so many incredible 3ds games, too many to list.

Said it before and I'll say it again. THe people who talk likeEDMIX are going to be regretting it when gamers talk of their memories this gen and those memories are all about wii U and how underrated it was.

You can make the dreamcast analogy if you want, except it's as if the dreamcast game quality without the parent company collapse. mIt's like seeing what would happen if sega released dreamcast and had tons of money under their belt.

Seriously, wii U is the most entertaining console this gen. Every single person denying it. I say let em. Nintendo apparently is no longer losing money with wii U. They got tons of cash in the bank. Who cares, their loss. Less gamer cred for them later.

Concertoine1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


Who are you to judge the software on a console you've stated you don't own and never plan to own? If you ask me, Bayonetta 2 and W101 represent some the best titles they've ever published, and Pikmin 3, Splatoon, and SM3DW among their best games.

By the way, how a confessed troll is allowed to run rampant with 10 bubbles out of no where is totally beyond me.

Loadedklip1178d ago

9 million overall profit.

This includes profit from 3DS and Amiibos.

I am not sure we can figure out exactly what the profit or loss of JUST the Wii U is from this. We would need to see their full detailed operating accounts financial reports.

gangsta_red1178d ago

That is the thing you have to realize about EDMIX, he passes off his own personal opinions as fact while at the same time contradicting himself at every turn, sometimes in his own posts.

"They've easily haven't released their BEST this gen, that is some complete BS."

Hey bud, I guess you missed how they have the most highly rated 1st party games according to critics this gen so far.

WiiU may have not burned up the sales charts like you personally would want to see but in terms of games it delivered to their fans.

If you were a true gamer you would at least appreciate that right bud?

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ninsigma1178d ago

Thought I'd reply to you here. Yeah very impressive! My sale hasn't been counted yet but I'll definitely be picking it up! A lot to play at the moment but the beta for splatoon was really cool so I definitely won't be missing it!

Sly-Lupin1178d ago

WiiU would probably be selling a lot better if 90% of the news articles about it weren't claiming it was dead, or rumormongering about the NX.

suckingeggs1178d ago

Truthfully I think Nintendo are going the wrong way about this.

This has gamecube written all over resources moved to the next console leaving the Wii u high and dry.

What they need to do is take a leaf out of Microsoft book and do all they can to turn this situation around.. Hustle as hard as they can for third party games.. Finally embrace online properly (look how well splatoon has done).. Take there head out of asses and not just dump Wii u and throw money at a next console.. I got burned with gamecube and Nintendo have no issues just doing this again..

Wii u has had some of the best exclusives this generation time to up their efforts 100% and do a Phil and stop at nothing to turn this around and not just $hit on Wii u owners like they Did with gamecube owners.

MasterCornholio1178d ago

Not only do a Phil but they should also borrow some things from Sony. Like when Sony spent all that time finding out what 3rd party's want in a system. Those types of things.

ninsigma1178d ago

In terms of third party, I think that's a sunk ship this gen. The machine isn't powerful enough for a lot of devs to make a wii u version. If they can get some then great! But what I would like to see them do is get very agressive with brand new first party ips. Splatoon has done great! If they can make more new ips that has the same success as Splatoon they'll get way more wii u sales. They'll then also have a whole new arsenal of franchises they can rely on for going into nx generation that they know people will buy. On top of that we pretty much know dragon quest 11 is going to the new console (as well as a few others I think). So this could be a sign that third party is on board with Nintendo for their next console. The biggest thing is that they stop relying on the same old franchises. Of course release new iterations but for too long they've relied on Mario, donkey Kong, zelda etc. They could succeed so much more if they add new games into the mix.

Metallox1178d ago

Splatoon looks like a nice beginning for new games for their portfolio. As I said above, 1.62 million units sold in just a month, that's very impressive.

Khronikos1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

It's worse than Gamecube sales. With how much gaming has grown the system is basically dead. I still play Wii games in Dolphin and I am content for now.

From what I am hearing about their next system.... well I am not enthused. I want a semi-powerful N system. And now I guess I will be playing WiiU emulation sometime in the next 5 years. N has lost so many people with the WiiU it's crazy to not think it is a money sink. It is.

They have lost most of their audience. And now they are looking to repeat the disaster--POSSIBLY we have no idea--with another low powered junker of a system. All I can say is they had better beef that system up a bit if they want to hook modern gamers. I could see a low cost system selling but at that point you are going to be competing against the best of the best from Sony and even Microsoft. You cannot just release another crapper of a system and expect people to just drop 200 bucks for moderately improved, read barely able to do 1080p, graphics. I know I wouldn't even bother with my backlog.

_-EDMIX-_1178d ago

I agree that they should support Wii U longer, but with a broken network, broken architecture etc, its a bit too late for that.

NX really needs to be a fresh start.

Real network with real staple features.

Architecture that makes sense and can be used by all

They need to also start backing new IPs with their main teams, we sorta need to see them start supporting other ides and not treat new ips as side projects with very little effect or marketing power behind them.

Best exclusives? Nope, its why its selling like crap right?

They need to change something, it can't be this huge blame on 3rd party, or online etc, that change needs to come from within Nintendo ,with the CEO passing, I'm curious to see just how much of those moves where his.

Haru1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


ChiliPants1178d ago

problem is that all this was supposed to be with the wii u. now i have to shell out maybe 400 more dollars for a new system to get things that were promised on the last? and it will still be behind/less powerful than microsoft and sony's next efforts. just seems like its goonna be pretty rough for them to get out of this hole unless they can make zelda, metroid, and new 3d mario for wii u release soon.

Loadedklip1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

I agree with the hustle as hard as Microsoft for Third Parties but the Wii U has no hope of turning things around.

It is better they just focus on new hardware that fits what third parties want AND THEN hustle for them to make games on your system right out the gate.

Market that system to the potential consumer as a system for not just Mario, Zelda but also guaranteed to have Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Far Cry, Batman Arkham, Tomb Raider, Madden, WWE, UFC, FiFa, Dragon's Age, The Evil Within, etc etc etc.

Nintendo systems since the N64 ... you have to pray to get any third party game.

On X-Box and Playstation .. consumers EXPECT those games to be there every year.

Nintendo has the best exclusives 1st party games out of the big 3.

They just lack help.

Sony and Microsoft would both fail as bad or worst if they had to carry their own system with little to no third party support.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1177d ago

Wii U is to Nintendo what Millenium was to Windows, almost nobody wants it.

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talocaca1178d ago

I think they are in a very tricky situation....kill the WiiU early to promote the NX (making early adopters angry) or keep pushing a polemic device (with some potential)?

Nintendo has done it before (the Wii took everyone by storm!!!)

I'm just so curious about their future hardware plans!

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