Super Mario RPG Launching On The Japanese Wii U eShop Next Week

The classic Super NES role playing game Super Mario RPG will be released next week on the Japanese Wii U eShop

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MSBAUSTX1230d ago

Oh man this had better release in the States!

wakeNbake1229d ago

They should make a real Mario Rpg.

Lighter91229d ago

In before someone says Paper Mario. >:)

DragoonsScaleLegends1229d ago

The Wii U would be the perfect console for Nintendo to make a new Mario Paint game.

deadpoolio3161229d ago

Except the NX is coming out next year so the Wii U is done....They'll release what they have this year and that will be it unless they decide to port something over.....

No doubt Zelda was delayed so development could be moved to the NX, but maybe if people are lucky they will twilight princess it and give the Wii U a port

DragoonsScaleLegends1229d ago

Lol who said NX is coming out next year? I think at best a announcement next year with a 2017 release date. If it's aimed at family's again like the Wii U it will be dead on arrival. Unless of course it get's universal appeal to the casuals like the Wii or PS4.

marloc_x1229d ago

I do recall a graphic from Ninty showing Wii U in a symbiotic network with NX ;)

XXXL1229d ago

Please Nintendo NA release this. Don't screw us as usual

Coachkeys1229d ago

Yeah. Paper Mario was great. But Mario RPG is golden. I can't wait to play it on the wii u gamepad. Please release it in the states.