Microsoft is working on streaming PC games to Xbox One

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system debuts today, enabling Xbox One game streaming to PCs. While that's a neat feature for Xbox One owners, Microsoft is working on streaming PC games to Xbox One consoles too. In an interview with The Verge, Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, reveals the company is working on the feature.

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wakeNbake1177d ago

They should just make a partnership with Valve and have a Steam app on Xb1.

GenericFanboy1177d ago

My thoughts exactly. Would be awesome to see, not really sure how or if it would work well, but it would be amazing to have the full steam and xbox library at your disposal potentially. (Or any console for that matter)

Crimzon1177d ago

That was my thoughts as well, just form a partnership with Valve and allow their Steam Controller to work with Xbox One. Apparently it actually works really well for traditional mouse-based games like RTS etc. so if Microsoft was smart, they'd just partner with Valve and enable the Xbox One as a Steambox. Would certainly be a bombshell announcement and give Valve the big step into the living room that they want. Seems win/win for both parties.

donthate1177d ago

What benefits will Valve bring to the Xbox One?

Sure it sounds great to have your Steam library on your Xbox One, but the problem is that vast majority of game will not work without some serious work.

I think the PC to Xbox One stream seems quite reasonable if you insist on playing PC games on your Xbox One. I think it would be pretty cool!

Psychotica1177d ago

Not sure that's the case since it would still be your PC that is actually running the game. Kind of like Steam's In-Home Streaming.

1177d ago
JamesBroski1177d ago

I'd prefer Microsoft to enter the PC gaming world and bring competition to Steam. I love Steam, but monopoly is never a good thing.

I'm trying the Xbox App and I really like it (even though it's freaking bareboned). The Windows Store, for now, feels like a tablet store, but I hope in the future they'd come with PC games like Dead Rising 3, Ryse, etc.

ScorpiusX1177d ago

After all the crap he ranted about windows 8 and accused them of being damaging .He should be tossed a big Box rock and told to start kicking.

Hope they leave him hanging in the wind .

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StrayaKNT1177d ago

That would be absolute megaton.

Satyre281177d ago

I mean its gonna happen, they already have it going the other way and it works pretty damn good. Wouldn't see why this would be impossible, probably will be late this year or early next year though.

RiseofScorpio1177d ago

I would love cloud streaming of Steam games to Xbox One.

ninsigma1177d ago

For me this feature would be a lot better than streaming xbox to pc. I have both in my room so xbox to pc is pointless for me but during those times where I really don't wanna sit at my desk to play a game I can stream to the xbox and play from the couch in comfort :D

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