Short Pause LIVE: The Swindle Gameplay & Impressions (PS4)

Short Pause: "I played through a good hour of The Swindle during the live stream below, and another hour or so after; so far I'm really enjoying this challenging platformer from Size Five Games. It feels like a hybrid of Stealth Inc and Spelunky."

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tazmeah1269d ago

I can totally see the comparisons to Stealth Inc and Spelunky, which are two games I've really enjoyed spending a ton of time playing. Nice to see Cross-Buy and Cross-Save are supported on the PlayStation versions. I hope it runs just a good on the Vita version, because this looks like the type of game that would flourish on a handheld.

TheDude791269d ago

The Vita version - for the most part - works just as well. Obviously it doesn't run as smoothly as the console versions, but it still maintains it's appealing art style without any obvious concessions. The other negative would be the long load times as the game generates new maps. It's takes much much longer than its PS4 counterpart. Still, it's hard to complain about load times with the cross-save feature allowing you to take the game on the road to continue your current play through.