Dead Union - The Most Anticipated FPS Game in 2015

Dead Union is a 3D free-to-play first person shooting game, which is planned to release in August!Providing you with a brand new and creative gaming experience. Picture a hardcore 3D shooting game with strategy gameplay --- build up your base and deploy zombies at your beck and call!
There are numerous reasons illustrate why we should expect Dead Union. We will show you what makes Dead Union extraordinary.

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Activemessiah1177d ago

There's something about Free to play that just puts me off...

SCW19821176d ago

Ha ha most anticipated FPS my a$$. No one has even mentioned this game. What a pile of garbage. Jim Sterling was right.

Tibbers1176d ago

"Dead Union - The Most Anticipated FPS Game in 2015"... This isn't even in the article.

spicelicka1176d ago

most anticipated game that I've never heard of! Way to ruin the game's image by making stupid titles.