Could Dragon Quest XI Rejuvenate The Flagging JRPG Genre?

The freshly announced Dragon Quest adventure for Nintendo platforms and PS4 might work wonders for a sub-genre that has been down in the dumps.

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NovusTerminus1179d ago

Huh? Does it need saving? Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dragon's Dogma, Tales Of, Persona, Freedom Wars, Type 0, FFXV is shaping up nicely.

The genre is fine, but you have to look a little harder then in the past. A JRPG does not have to be turn based, that is the misconception that is killing the JRPG.

DarkBlood1179d ago

Most of the of the titles you listed arent turn based either so i could argue the same idea in reverse. But the truth is there needs to be an equal amount of the sub genre within the genre

_-EDMIX-_1179d ago

I'm not sure why it must be turned based bud, I've played many JRPG's that where not turned based back in the day.

Persona 5 is also turned based, so is Bravely Default and Bravely Second and Final Fantasy The 4 Heros of light all turned based.

Also.....where in this article does it say anything about turned based?

Many JRPG series have not been turned based, many have been, I"m sorry bud but not being turned based didn't some how make them less JRPGs, I'm not sure what you mean by "sub genre"

They are Japanese......they are RPGs....

The Tales series is a great example, MORE tales games are not turned based then are turned based...

That doesn't make the series less of an RPG or less Japanese LOL!

We got many turned based RPGS and many series still stay true to being turned based, Persona, SMT (as IV released on 3DS) and now Bravely Default and Second.

joab7771179d ago

The thing is...Jrpgs in the classic sense are very popular in the east, especially Japan. And gamers will forgo buying a new console entirely to play these games on mobile, PC or older consoles. It isn't about where an rpg is made that defines it genre. Yes, many eastern devs have borrowed from the west b/c of their popularity...FF15 is a great example. Though hopefully it's a great blend of the two.

Dragon Quest could be huge for Japan etc. Especially of they follow Ni No Kuni's lead and use the new tech to create a modern rendition, instead of making it a western rpg. Persona 5 will be huge too.

It's gonna get better.

ZaWarudo1178d ago

It would be glorious if we can go back to the PS2 era of JRPGs.