Game Informer | 'Life Is Strange: Episode 4' Review


In previous Life is Strange episodes, developer Dontnod has proven that it's not afraid to tackle complex issues, such as abuse and suicide. Most developers wouldn't dare touch these subjects, but Dontnod keeps pushing even further with them. Sometimes that doesn't make it an easy game to play. In Arcadia Bay, everyone's dirty little secrets are more sinister and alarming than expected. Episode 4 isn't for the faint of heart - it's for those who have hope that this crazy ride has some satisfying solution that isn't as messed up as it seems.

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PlayableGamez1176d ago

A bit low score, considering that this was the most interesting episode. A long side with the amount of suspense and shock factor in it.
Whatever I still enjoyed this episode, and I can't wait for the final episode.

nowitzki20041176d ago

Its 1 persons view. I really wish these big game media companies like Gameinformer and IGN would have at least 2-3 work on the review as a team.

kraenk121176d ago

I usually respect Gameinformer but this score is way too low. Seems someone lost his objectivity over personal feelings.

gleepot1176d ago

I believe it was Kim, a female, who reviewed it.