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PSLS - Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to hang out at local arcades and be able to experience gaming in ways that just weren’t possible while I was at home. Besides being able to play games long before they made it to home consoles, it was the draw of being able to play games to their full potential that made the experience so unique. Sadly, now that arcades are becoming more of a memory than a reality, modern gamers having to figure how to recreate that experience in new ways. This is where Logitech’s new G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 comes into play, as it puts that classic experience right in your living room.

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Wedge191204d ago

Seems like a pretty cool peripheral. But man... that price...

ftwrthtx1204d ago

I like it, but don't want to spend that much money.

gamerz1204d ago

If you bought the Logitech wheel for the PS3 it doesn't work on the PS4. Please don't support them or at least factor that into the price since it probably won't work on the PS5.

bluzone1204d ago

Not Logitech's fault for non-compatibility. Sony limited who could sell peripherals with a required identification chip.

Elwenil1204d ago

Do some research. Logitech was given the chance to upgrade or make an adaptor or something to make it work and Sony said it was possible and it was in Logitech's hands. Logitech at the time said they were not making anymore wheels and were not supporting old ones. Now a year later, a new $500 wheel comes out. No way in this green hell am I supporting Logitech.

bluzone1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

@Elwenil No matter what it's still Sony's decision to add the required identification chip and thus limit peripherals and control licensing.
As I recall didn't Logitech find it impossible or very difficult to retroactively add a dongle.
I do not think any operator of a walled garden operating system (PS4/IOS etc..)would relish the idea of a dongle that potentially could allow unveted access to its system.

Bathyj1204d ago

Probably the best steering wheel you can get, and I absolutely refuse to buy it while Logitech is squeezing our tits refusing to make drivers so gamers with perfectly good G25s and G27s can use them.

I dont believe for a second its a chip issue. Logitec quit consoles so there was no driver support. Now they are reentering the market but they expect you to shell out again. Show some good will to your customers Logitec or live with my scorn.

n1kki61204d ago

This is not the best steering wheel you can get it still using an old belt driven system that's allowed andas it insuperior to the brushless designs that the Thrustmaster offers. Yes you get a shifter and the clutch with it but if you want quality and are all in racing seat and all this isn't the best value

Elwenil1204d ago

The shifter is separate.

n1kki61204d ago

For some reason I thought the xb1 unit was getting the shifter. Either way its a rebranded g27 that supports the new consoles

BootyBandit1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Personally I didn't like the Thrustmaster TX wheel. I preferred the T500 over it and strongly prefer the Fanatec CSW V2 over all of them but it's has a steep price tag for the whole set / combo. Although "in my opinion" it was money well spent.

n1kki61204d ago

I agree with all of that, in that price point though, I still prefer the brushless motors in the tx, but the t500 and fanatec are far superior. I think the problem at the moment is those don't seem to have full ps4 support so in the range it's the t300rs, which is a tx base, or the g29, with belt driven motors. Between, those and the shenagins that Logitech seemed to pull, I would go thrustmaster.

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