Beyond: What's Sony Showing at Gamescom?

"This week, Max, Marty, Goldfarb and Altano have a nice little chat on Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4, China lifting its console ban, and how they feel about the fact that they can romance a whole bunch of people in Fallout 4."

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DualWielding1266d ago

didn't Sony already said they won't be at gamescon at all? (no conference, no presence on the showfloor)

Aenea1266d ago

No conference, quite a huge presence on the floor.


S2Killinit1266d ago

Thats a lot of Sony boots there.

Yahdaree1266d ago

They aren't having a conference but they have a lot on the floors.

mkis0071266d ago

They are using it as a way of getting the products into gamers hands. The conference was moved to the Paris game show to allow for more time after E3.

Darkfist1266d ago

dont think they will show anything, they have Paris game show for that

Aenea1266d ago

Yeah, they just hired a bunch of booths and keep them empty!

amnalehu1266d ago

no mans sky release date will be announced.