Microsoft wants you to pay for Solitaire, again, in Windows 10

PCWorld writes: Netflix charges you $7.99 per month for thousands of streaming movies and TV shows. Spotify, Slacker, Rdio and others charge about $10 per month for unlimited music. And Microsoft? They want you to pay $1.50 per month to remove ads from Solitaire.

Rimeskeem2987d ago

1.50$ a month is not a lot but that is still ridiculous

Crimzon2987d ago

The problem is that whenever people use the argument of "It's only $1.50" or any other amount, be it $5 or $10, they fail to take into account that all of this adds up and if you coughed up the cash for everything that was charging a small amount that supposedly isn't a big deal, you'd be wasting hundreds every single month on utter garbage.

I know you said that it's ridiculous anyways and I agree, I just think that the general mindset of "It's only costing this much..." is dangerous in general when used to justify paying for things that you shouldn't be paying for in the first place.

mushroomwig2987d ago

I used to work in a call centre that had targets and our managers would always get us to use that trick, "well it's only X a month, which is what? Not even the price of a cup of coffee a day".

I just cancelled my Netflix because I'm trying to cut costs. £6.99 a month really doesn't sound like anything but with all the other monthly bills, yeah it really does add up.

SilentNegotiator2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

It would add up to $72 in just 4 years! Why should anyone pay almost the cost of an OS for JUST SOLITAIRE over about the lifetime of an OS?!

subtenko2986d ago

Gotta fill that gap in exclusives somehow! :D

thereapersson2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Why is this even a thing? WHY? This is stupid on ALL levels! Why are there advertisements in the first place?

opoikl2986d ago

Has there been any talk yet about DLC or season passes?

Duoma2986d ago

yep thats that good ole fasshioned nickle and diming
its nothing new. phone companies have been doing it, grocery stores have, your internet provider and pretty much anything else you can think of. cut costs somewhere but jack up the price elsewhere even if its a miniscule amount and then use the jedi mind trick on consumers that its less than a cup of coffee per day or "production costs went up"

RedDevils2986d ago

Download Solitair from Chrome store for free with offline mode. Problem solve

2986d ago
slasaru012986d ago

You can play for free. It's to remove ads

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Hoffmann2987d ago

It was free for 20 years, now they want extra money...jackasses.

pivotplease2987d ago

You might as well make your own Solitaire program. It's the same simple code they've used since the beginning I'm sure. There's probably just some bs aesthetic differences.

The only reason it's free dude is because 8 was god awful and they basically alienated the average user by catering exclusively to touch screens and tablets. It should be free considering they made everyone pay for a downgrade.

Seafort2986d ago


They gave Windows 10 for free to gain market share not to be generous to it's users.

That's all that matters to Microsoft.

Windows 8 was a pretty big failure for MS so they had to do something to get the market share back from their older OSes.

Windows 10 is a great OS but don't think MS are doing any one but themselves any favours.

Bzone242986d ago


Well if they were only doing themselves a favor, they must have inadvertently did me a favor because now I don't have to pay to update my OS now. Just love how you guys always try and make things look bad, even free things. I don't care why they did it. I care that it's saving me money.

SuperStatePro2986d ago

Seafort - And? Does the reason really matter? YOU are still getting a free OS.

DLConspiracy2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

This article and the people who are upset about this must play A LOT of solitaire.I can't tell you the last time I even opened solitaire.

I wouldn't feel threatened to pay for solitaire ever. I know tons of people who pay for hulu that includes commercials. Things cost money to make this OS and if some moron is willing to pay for solitaire. So be it. Just something else for people to complain about online to know we exist I guess.

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XanderZane2987d ago

My question is, why does it need to be monthly? It should just be a one time fee and that's that. I would never pay any fee to remove ads from a game. I just think it's dumb to have to do that. I'd rather just buy the game without the ads.

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jannytime2987d ago

Lol what? I love Microsoft, I always have. They're a great company that I hope to work for one day but what the actual fuck MS lol cut that out.

Rachel_Alucard2986d ago

"Microsoft and great company in the same sentence"

SilentNegotiator2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

$1.50 per *MONTH*?? I would be hesitant to waste a one-time payment of $1.50 on solitaire.

I'd rather just buy one of those "150 Games!" or "12 Card Games!" CD-ROMs at a Walmart for 5 or 10 bucks and have a bunch of time wasters on my PC instead of just one time waster for 3.3 to 6.6 months.

I'm really getting sick of "Software as a Service" BS. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should pay monthly for freaking solitaire.

Ducky2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Save that frustration for when the solitaire actually requires a monthly subscription.
Right now, it's just $1.50 to remove ads from an additional game mode.

The base game of solitaire is still there, free, and without ads.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

And this is the very reason I'm not upgrading. I suspected something like this would happen and I'm absolutely certain that Solitaire won't be the only thing that was once free and will have a monthly fee attached in Windows 10.

gangsta_red2986d ago

It's still free, but now you have the option to buy a premium version to remove the ads and add other bonus features.

I didn't read the article either ;)

meanthyme2986d ago

Not upgrading your OS because they charge you to play solitaire is idiotic.

gangsta_red2986d ago

A one time fee of 1.50 will buy you a pack of cards to play Solitaire in real life!

No thanks Win 10!

gangsta_red2986d ago

Well upon reading the actual article it seems that the game is still free, but there's a premium version that removes ads and gives other bonus features.

Must read article...

remixx1162986d ago

Lol how true this is is hilarious.

babadivad2986d ago

Are you guys serious with these comments? The Microsoft hate is unreal on this site. It's fucking solitaire. Who gives a fuck. When is the last time you even played the damn thing. And it's still FREE. If it's killing you that bad just get a different free version of solitaire to go with your free OS. Ridiculous. . .

babadivad2986d ago

Why am I not surprised by the disagrees.

Rachel_Alucard2986d ago

"Let me just keep enabling this practice by allowing the free market to magically not spend money on this"

Tzuno2986d ago

Multiply that by millions, guess how much money they make? I am not gonna pay for one stupid game that i can find it online for free.