Are Games Getting Easier? A love letter from a challenge-obsessed gamer

Ashley from GamersFTW writes: "For me gaming is as much about the challenge as it is about escapism. A seemingly impossible puzzle, once solved makes me feel like I’ve actually achieved something in my day, and in today’s overpopulated market it has come to my attention that these moments are becoming far sparser. This got me thinking: are games getting easier?"

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MrsNesbitt1267d ago

Gaming confession: I like to play on the easiest modes.

Otherwise, another controller visits the controller graveyard!

Nice article :)

fermcr1267d ago

"Are Games Getting Easier?"

Most games have difficulty settings, so that sentence is invalid. If you find a game easy, just play it on harder settings.

Like it or not, some people just like to enjoy the game stress free... yes, they play on the easiest modes.

Baka-akaB1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

But the issue is that plenty recent games have been designed to be so easy , that harder setting are closer to the normal ones you'd find in older games . And likewise some people enjoyed and enjoy their challenge . It's why by default i never play normal difficulty anymore on a first playthrough , i just go to the harder modes , even if some rare times you get bad surprises doing that

And there is the issue of hard mode just beefing up stats and adding ennemies spawns , instead of genuinely designed as a different and new experience .

Hell it's kinda why some people are against adding an easy mode to the Souls/Borne games .. The minute an easier mode is conceptualised , most studios will design and define other modes based on it , rather than concurrently and separately .

starchild1267d ago

Depends on the game. I've beaten some of the hardest games know to man, but I don't want all games to be that way. I play games for lots of different reasons, not just for a challenge.

GamerCheese1267d ago

I agree that games are more fun with more of a challenge. Unfortunately, difficulty may attract hardcore gamers but it alienates casual gamers, which is bad for sales. Harder modes also test the limits of the game's mechanics, forcing the player to trust the physics and rules of the game. It means haphazard games can play better if the player relies less on precision. For example, take some B-rated titles and play through on the hardest difficulties. You'll see more and more the follies of development.

Yukes1267d ago

In general, yes. Or at least usually the choice is there to change the difficulty level as you say.

rainzor1267d ago

Not really since the developers are just giving you more options. If you want the game to be hard, then choose the most difficulty settings

Chaosdreams1267d ago

No. But I think the standards of what we call journalism, certainly is. (Totally not bashing this article, talking in general here.)

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The story is too old to be commented.