Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Halo 5 and Many More Will Be Playable at GameStop EXPO 2015

Gamestop announced today via press release more information about its GameStop EXPO 2015, that will be held on September 2nd at the Sand Expo in Las Vegas.

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FallenAngel19841204d ago

Way to go Gamestop. Looking forward to this event

Rimeskeem1204d ago

I wish i didnt live 6 hours away. I wanna make the drive but i have school. First world problems

starchild1204d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Funny, I live about 6 hours away too. I really hope to go this year, but I will be getting back from another major trip just days before that. Great event, though.

Abriael1204d ago

Sounds like a great event. A bit pricey maybe. Wonder if they sell preowned tickets :P

Rimeskeem1204d ago

preowned tickets, that made me laugh

bubble + for funny

Kingdomcome2471203d ago

Lol. Only if you trade in last year's ticket, and purchase our PRO card.

NobodyEpic1204d ago

Only will be playing Halo 5 for me.

mkis0071203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

That account is a troll account. Randomly click on any of their comments and you will see. Just keep moving.

Hazmat131204d ago

didn't know gamestop expo was a thing

Kingdomcome2471203d ago

This will be my first year going as a Gamestop manager. I'm pretty pumped.

Izalith1203d ago

I would love to see more Uncharted Collection gameplay, it is one of the games I must have this year, even though I have platinum on all three on PS3. My next big title is MGS V PP, Uncharted is second. The rest im unsure of.

jb2271202d ago

Same here, I'm really hoping they release something for Gamescom next week, then there's that "super tease" that Rodhe mentioned regarding new details & surprises for the collection. I bet those things get announced during Gamescom (hopefully anyway, the wait is killing me!)