Top Five Most Underrated Kart Racers

Phil of SPC writes, "The kart racer-- a favorite game type of mine definitely. Nowadays they aren't widely made outside of the Mario Kart series. However, over the years we've seen different developers attempt to make games in the genre to varying degrees of success. Even if you create a great kart racer, there's no telling if it will turn out to be a commercial hit. Today's top five list delves into the kart racers that either sold below expectations, didn't receive much hype, or just are overlooked in general. After you've checked out the choices here, feel free to agree/disagree and share your own ideas for kart racers that need more attention."

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Rebel_Scum1175d ago

Speed Freaks and Ayrton Senna Kart Duel on the Playstation are worthy classics of kart racers.