How to Gameshare on Xbox One

Ug: "If you are buying digital games instead of their physical retail discs on your Xbox One, you will be glad to know that you can actually share your digital games with your friends. The game sharing of digital titles is even better than sharing your physical discs. When you share a physical disc, only one friend can play the game at a time (1 disc = 1 player). However, when you share your digital game with a friend, both of you can play the same game at the same time without any problems at all."

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4Sh0w1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

"The game sharing of digital titles is even better than sharing your physical discs. When you share a physical disc, only one friend can play the game at a time (1 disc = 1 player). However, when you share your digital game with a friend, both of you can play the same game at the same time without any problems at all."

-I agree, its about time more articles highlight why digital is huge for some of us. This is the single biggest reason I have for going ALL digital, not even including the other convenience factors its a no brainer for me, 2yrs so far no problems whatsoever with digital. *Now remember the caveat is you should only be sharing with a trusted friend/family member because you have to give them your account info. I share with my 2 nephews on the east coast, last gen I always helped them out by buying them a 3-4 games a year, now I've saved tons of money sharing ALL my games with them, used games which instantly makes digital a far better proposition than physical, plus I rarely ever sold my games because Gamestop rips you off, I always gave 'em to my nephews or a friends if I'm not playing them anymore anyway. Even EA Access games can be shared as well.

dilawer1204d ago

Totally agree with you. I had no idea about the gamesharing thing and I was buying discs as usual. This one friend told me about it and boom, no discs for me anymore. We are sharing games with each other and have a nice collection of games to play together.

4Sh0w1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Yeah unless you're a collector type I don't see any real advantages of physical anymore. I mean I hear the doom 'n gloom stories of no internet but truth is most of us are almost always next gen, you'll just have to download your X1 games from the cloud, whether its the next Xbox or PC, or whatever I'm sure micro will have a solution similar to what their already doing now, -hell digital is safer than a disc in that sense. Digital saves money even if the upfront cost is the same and no trade in value(right now) but sharing or me not having to buy a extra copy to send to my nephews is a huge savings which makes up for that easily and then some. Plus digital super convenient with the hop from game to game, no loading, all in one place benefits too.

dilawer1204d ago

I agree. My friend and I have saved half the price on each game we've bought. We just pay 50/50 for each game and both get to play it at the same time. Discs are boring.

Pinkdolphinyfg1204d ago

What are the limits of game sharing? If i gameshare with a friend but then a couple months later my xbox breaks and i get a new one and try to get back my old games will it be blocked because i've already gameshared or is it unlimited?

dilawer1204d ago

You can get all your games and your account on your new Xbox without any problems. There are no limits but you can only set "My Home Xbox" 3 times in a year.

JasonKCK1204d ago

I'm a collector type but I do see the benefits in all digital. I never buy day one though, that's so I can avoid an Aliens CM type situation.

There should be more articles like this because it looks like some people didn't even know until now. Hell I knew and I don't even own an X1 yet.

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MSBAUSTX1204d ago

Holy crap this is amazing. I had no idea this worked. You could essentially both chip in 30 bucks for one copy and then exchange it! This just may have changed my LONG and DEVOUT stance against digital games. Some I will still like to own hard copies of. But others will be perfect for this.

3-4-51204d ago

I've had an XB1 since May 2014, and I didn't even know this was a thing.

We can do right now ?

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SonofGod1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

This guy forgot to mention that you can only change home console 3 times. If you change home console 3 times you will end up with making someone elses console your home console. Without being able to switch back to yours again. So be careful.

You need to have your console as home console if you want to play your games offline. There may be other things too that I do not know of which can limit your account privileges on your console.

I know this because it happened to me.

Dlacy13g1203d ago

Yes...the one hiccup is if Live goes down...then games you are sharing may not be available to you.

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cfc831204d ago

I never get asked for password on any xbox, so i don't know it anyway. Lets say i let one person access my account to play a game, can i still use my account whilst someone else does ?

dilawer1204d ago

Yes, if you have gameshared with your friend/family/anyone, you can still use your account while they play your games on their Xbox One.

cfc831204d ago

Nice one thanks. I'll try giving it a go once i find out what my password is.

RickFletzer1204d ago

Yep, in fact, I only have xbl gold on one of my xbox consoles and the other is just a silver member.

This method allows both consoles to share games, but also allows you to have both consoles use xbl gold while only paying on one of the consoles. Pretty great, though I suspect with this info being shared publicly they might change how it works. :/

cfc831204d ago

Sounds good ricky. I doubt a few punters reading about it on n4g will have ms scrambling to make changes. People will buy more games in order to share, or chip in for games they may have not bought otherwise. They will profit.

4Sh0w1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Yep cfc83, they will. I can see it hurting early sales but in the long run especially for smaller titles that you wouldn't have otherwise brought for full price for yourself, but you might be swayed to buy & share with a friend....if its good word spreads, more folks buy to share with a friend and remember as of now digital copies never get re-sold at the expense of a new sale to the dev, used sales all go to the second hand seller(Gamestop) anyway.

I do think its fair to limit game sharing between even just 2 consoles because devs deserve a fair return on their investment.

SuicideKing1204d ago

Wow I had no idea about this feature. I buy a lot of games digital so this is a HUGE plus for me and buddy.

Wikkid6661204d ago

Note that you can only change your Home Console 3 time a year.

4Sh0w1204d ago

yeah true but thats very, very generous...unless you want them to let you share with tons of folks.

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