Intel claims its new memory tech will usher in 8K gaming

This new 3D XPoint architecture will replace a 25-year-old standard that has hit a wall in terms of performance.

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crazychris41241182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Damn new memory is 1000x faster than what most use today. Hope it also means cheaper 4k gaming. 4k PC that I currently priced out is $4k (I need to go overkill for stuff other than gaming) then the monitor is another $700, this stuff aint cheap. PC Im using now was only $1300 when it was built and monitor was $250 so an almost $5k set up is a hard pill to swallow.

Twignberries1182d ago

Yeah I've spent waaay more money then I should on my 4k setup.. Like close to $7k too much 😕

ninsigma1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

What graphics card are looking at for this rig?? And if it's only costing 4k for a 4k rig, what cpu, ram and hard drives are you looking at??
I say only 4k because mine is currently worth over 3k for a 1440p rig. To solidly play in 4k I'd need a new monitor and upgrade my dual 970 to probably dual 980ti or titan x (is x the latest one??). I'd probably get away with my cpu and ram.

crazychris41241182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Here are the specs. Not building a PC until at least next year so the parts will definitely change. Priced it out now cuz I thought I could do it this year but since DX 12, HBM2 GPU and other tech coming in the very near future Ive decided to hold off. Yes I know the tech gets better every year, Im just waiting for the right moment. Need a lot of power and storage so thats why there is a 6 core CPU and 3 hard drvies.

ABizzel11182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )


You're better off waiting a few more years (3 - 4), and most of this stuff will be half the price if not more.

The CPUs will be on generation 8000 for Intel, and right now a high-end 4000 / 5000 series is capable of 4k gaming, so by then their mid-range should be well above an i7 4000 / 5000 (probably an i5 8000 6-core), and still be priced similarly if not lower.

GPU wise Pascal is coming then Volta from NVIDIA, and Volta should bring with it HBM2 which would be the biggest gain to 4k gaming IMO, and by then the 980 ti would be mid range (Volta X60's card).
$299 each ($600)

DDR4 will have better speeds, and be much cheaper.
32GB $150

And finally SSD's will be much cheaper with more space, and phase out HDD completely.
2TB $299

4k Monitors will be MUCH cheaper and better.
$299 for a good 28"

That's $1,800 in saving alone with better specs all round and 2x as much SSD space. There's no reason to get into 4k gaming right now since the PC needed to max games coming out at 4k cost as much as a Used Car. 1080p and 1440p are more than enough and easily achieved at a reasonable price.

just_looken1182d ago

Here is something crazy

Maybe we i dont know wait to we get new game engines that can run current/future games in 4k optimized before we talk about 8k.

We just started getting new game engines that are running 1080p/60 0n consoles and 4k on pc. Now we want 8k? why.

Oh and like crazy said the price of 4k is still so high only few can afford it so i guess you need a 2nd mortgage for a 8k tv? f that.

Roccetarius1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Making the engines capable of 8K shouldn't be too much of a problem, and besides, this is only for future proofing the games anyways.

If future tech really is as great as they say it is, then PC's will be in it for a treat. Obviously it'll be for those who have the money at first, but eventually the price drop will be manageable. And of course PC players will be using a Monitor.

kneon1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Don't worry there is lots of time yet, these new technologies always take longer to come to market than planned, if they ever do.

And we're going to have to have some massively wide memory buses to take advantage of such speed enhancement, unless they are planning to put the memory on the same die as the CPU and/or GPU.

just_looken1182d ago

You guys do know that the fox engine and snowflake engine are the only 2 new next gen engines made to take full advantage of the ps4/xbox one and your pc hardware.

I see unreal engine 3 being used in 2019 at this rate

ninsigma1181d ago

Looks like a sweet rig! Parts are well picked. I have a 6 core cpu as well. Not really necessary at but I decided to future proof the thing (or as close to future proofing as is possible when building a pc). My only regret is not going with the gtx 980. There's nothing wrong with my 970s but obviously 980s would have been better for making it last longer!!

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FerrianX1182d ago

I'm curious to see how this stacks up against High-Bandwidth Memory which is already in AMD's GPU's, and have a version of it set to be in Nvidia's new Pascal architecture GPU's.

Ashlen1182d ago

Oh great... last time Intel had control over memory single modules cost $700. Luckly AMD supported DDR and charged fair prices which is why memory is cheap today.

DevilOgreFish1182d ago

8k gaming would be insane, but of course you know 4k gaming would be cheaper and more feasible.

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