Video Games Create An Unrealistic Body Image For Men

Video Games Made Me Do It: "Today’s video games are doing an absolute horrendous job in portraying real men. Their depiction of the male form is, to say the least, cruel."

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TRASHBOAT___1180d ago

Cruel is having stupid people saying stupid sh1t to get traffic to their websites

miyamoto1180d ago

I dig the super hero or japanese long legs proportion


I loved Nathan Drake because I can relate to him as far as my body proportions are concerned. He has a low waistline and short legs like me yet he can do the amazing stuff.

Thank you Naughty Dog for this brave and bold move.

xHeavYx1180d ago

Uh, I guess some people don't get the sarcasm unless there is a /s somewhere.

Irishguy951180d ago

I don't get it anyways, do you want Nathan drake to be a 200 pound obese man performing the acrobatic skills he does?

In video games you play as soldiers or active people at least. Most of the time.

Ozmoses1180d ago

That's what Doughnut Drake is for :)

Death1180d ago


I clock in at 200 lbs and would hardly be considered obese. I also stay active, enjoy running and work out.

Irishguy951180d ago

Ah I don't mean 200lbs is obese Death, you can be 200lbs and be built like a tank too. 200lbs can be obese though you know? Depends on other factors.

But I being too harsh I think haha. My bad. Lets rephrase it

"A 5ft0 man who sits on his ass all day and weighs 250lbs"

Spenok1180d ago

People, this is a satire article in response to that ridiculous article by huffington post about the unrealistic portrayal of women in games.

Here: http://www.huffingtonpost.c...

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-Foxtrot1180d ago

Yeah but the thing is unlike females with the way some (and I said some) of them go on when they complain about the way the female "body image" is portrayed by female characters, we don't care about it.

We just enjoy the bloody game, we don't care if you have all these thin, muscular male characters because we couldn't give a crap. It's not messing with our experiences when playing the game. Why waste time nitpicking on crap like that.

WilliamUsher1180d ago

This right here.

A lot of times guys just want to play a game and play a cool looking character in the game (most times).

It's an interactive fantasy and it doesn't always have to reflect the sensibilities of reality.

matt1391180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

You are completely deluded if you believe that. The younger generation in particular have enormous body issues, both boys and girls and having all these 'perfect male ideals' in movies/games and social media only further perpetuates such body disorders and contributes significantly to low self esteem.

marison1180d ago

Matt, you gave me hope.

And mens like us are much less valuated by our bodies and faces. Women are recriminated if they have a single scar, some weight or anything that drags them from the perfect image society claims. They have the right to complain about that.

Death1180d ago

If video games are dictating childrens body image, parents are 100% to blame. My youngest was starting to game for an unhealthy amount of time daily. I made adjustments which is what a parent is supposed to do.

DragonKnight1180d ago

"The younger generation in particular have enormous body issues, both boys and girls and having all these 'perfect male ideals' in movies/games and social media only further perpetuates such body disorders and contributes significantly to low self esteem."

This only occurs because of people telling them they have body issues. When all you see is "women are portrayed in unrealistic ways" all the time where impressionable youth are around, sooner or later they'll soak it up like a sponge. Movies and games are not to blame. They are fiction, they aren't meant to represent reality. If your kid is playing games and feeling bad about how they look, that's on you as a parent not the game. You should be telling your child that those characters aren't real, they aren't meant to be real, and not to judge themselves based on people who don't exist.

That said, there are plenty of real people that look just like gaming characters because that's how their body is or they work at it, and that's their choice too. This idea that it's the responsibility of entertainment to cater to the fragility of some people's egos or raise children to feel good about themselves completely removes that responsibility from the parents, who ought to be responsible.

wakeNbake1180d ago

I swear every soldier in Gears of War is jacked on steroids.

Death1180d ago

Wuuhhhaaat? You mean we aren't all supposed to look like that? Are you saying there is a difference between fantasy and reality?

Kurisu1180d ago

If only Doughnut Drake was Nate's in game model, then Uncharted wouldn't have got dragged in to this xD

Germany71180d ago

Now we just need to create a site and make all these characters fat, because that's the "reality"./s

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