The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter: Was It Good or Bad?

Many who are here reading this have probably heard about Shenmue 3 and it’s kickstarter. The result of Shenmue 3 and its kickstarter may be either good or bad. Who knows, it could even be both.

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Nonscpo1269d ago

Good idea, poor execution!

freshslicepizza1269d ago

"the fate of shenmue is in your hands now"

that is what was said during the e3 trailer.

almost 2 years ago sony was trying to get the game.

so i guess the question is why did sony need it to be a kickstarter project before they committed to it? they have a pub fund to help smaller projects,

so why ask fans to pay and not comment about their own end of support right away?

it all strikes me as abusing the kickstarter program because sony was going to help fund the project all along.

jb2271269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Ok let's break this down, yes Sony is helping, yes Kickstarter is a great gauge for public interest....why not marry the two?

If you see a company willing to match anyone's donation for a charity, do you call that company "abusive" for doing so? It's literally the exact same principle. Companies have a limited budget that is planned to the t, would you rather have Sony foot the whole bill & for Shenmue 3 to only end up being half the game that was envisioned, and consequently for the game to be exclusive as a result, Suzuki's feelings on the matter be damned? Are these invisible & illogical "principles" more important than honest to goodness gaming developed exactly as it's creators intended, delivered to you at almost half the cost what your pay for any other title of its caliber? You are going to have to try harder if you want to come up with legitimate reasons as to why any aspect of this was "abusive".

Why ask fans to pay for a title they've waited on for a decade or so? Guess they should give it out for free? Ultimately we are paying 40 dollars early for a game that would otherwise be 60 later & no ones twisting our arms to do so, so maybe you shouldn't speak for all of the fans that made this one of the most successful kick starters in history, maybe let them fight their own battles where they see fit.

BeastOfSoda1266d ago

Fun fact: Shenmue 3 is *still* going to be half the game that was envisioned, apparently. That, or the unfunded parts will end up as DLC.

Mind, I'm more than happy to see this remake in the works, but it could have been handled differently (for example by setting one or two goals, and not by asking 100'000$ for SUBTITLES).

Jls11269d ago

good because the game is coming.

jb2271269d ago achieved its goal because people wanted it, so was it a successful kick starter? Yes. Does anyone's opinion on the deal matter in the slightest? Not a bit. The game will exist where otherwise it wouldn't have & everyone who donated to the kick starter will get a full retail title for almost half the price....don't see how anyone could spin this to make it a bad thing, but such is the internet. We finally see something absolutely pro consumer that puts the power into our hands & there's still a vocal minority looking for a way to spin it into a negative. Not possible, game will exist where it otherwise wouldn't have & it's cheap for those who care enough to support it, end of story.

I guess people would rather have had someone foot the bill, turn it into a free to play title that's broken at launch, micro trans the hell out of us gamers, extort us for a preorder that gives us a cool moleskin leather jacket skin, and bury the ending behind paid dlc....that would've absolutely been the better move. Still haven't heard a single legitimate argument against this method & I'd love to hear one if it exists out there.

Majin-vegeta1269d ago

It was good....until certain sites started trying to smear the campaign.

TheNemesis5011269d ago

it was good, we get a new game we've been asking for and thats good, the only bad is that it took so long to get here.

Lenns1269d ago

What's the difference between pre order and kickstarting a game?

Yetter1268d ago

no guarantees you're gonna get anything when you pledge to a kickstarter. A preorder is a purchase which me there is some legal obligation for the seller to provide you with a product at some point. pledging to a kickstarter is a donation and the developers have no obligation to deliver on their promises other then PR fallout

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