Why I left Xbox... and Then Came Back

"I don’t remember exactly what the date was, but somewhere along the way in 2013 I left my Xbox behind. Hundreds of hours, thousands of achievement points, and years of memories with my gamertag all abandoned to start anew. I traded in my Xbox 360 and selected my PS3 bundle to begin a new chapter in my gaming career" -- Xbox Enthusiast.

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SpaceRanger1181d ago

That video he linked always gives me a good laugh. In a couple of years when Xbox has more exclusives, maybe I'll consider it. Quantum is basically the only one that interests me at this point. That's just my preference.

I think the author makes good reasoning to go back to his gaming roots with Xbox. If you're a fan of Gears, Halo and Forza then you know MS will deliver it almost every other year. They've added features that wouldn't have ever thought to be seen at launch and it's changed a lot of minds and the look of the brand.

But to say that Corporate leadership changed is far from the truth. They simply got rid of the one guy whose name was there in big letters through it all. Phil and Larry were just as much a part of all of this from the start. Throwing one guy under the bus saved them and a lot of the other suits. Don't believe me? There's plenty of videos of them defending the "goal of Xbox" when they first announced it. It's good they changed the Xbox brand for the better, but to say that everyone who is in charge now is what has made Xbox better is just as far from the truth.

Death1181d ago

Phil has been with the company for a very long time, but not in the capacity he is today. He has been the best link between gamers and the company we have seen to date. I can't think of anything he has said or done that I don't agree with. Nothing against his predecessors, but they were not able to convey the companies messages or visions to gamers very well. Larry works for marketing. He essentially does what he is told by his bosses. It's very hard to blame Larry for any of the Xbox One's missteps since he isn't in charge of the division, he's simply a messenger.

Buy your console for the games. As long as you do this you will always be happy. If you can afford it, owning more than one console gives you more options and makes it harder to miss out on great exclusives.

Rookie_Monster1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )


"They simply got rid of the one guy whose name was there in big letters through it all. Phil and Larry were just as much a part of all of this from the start"

LoL, what does Larry... Major Nelson got anything to do with it as he is just the community PR person?

All I know things like this would have never would had happened if Don matrick was still at the throne.

Phil Spencer:“Backward compatibility is always a hot topic at the turn of a generation, and I get why, especially on [Xbox 360] so many people bought so much digital content and it means that a lot of us, we’re holding on to our 360s,” he said. “I get the question. I totally respect the question. There’s nothing I can say about it right now, but I’ll just say ‘I hear you.’ I definitely hear you and I’ll continue to try to work to build something that can help people out.”

And guess what, Phil made our voices heard and actually did something about it and at E3, the rest is history. That is one of many little examples of how a leader that is also a gamer himself, Phil also have a PS4 a Wii U, can relate to us. DON Mattrick, a gamer, he is most likely not, and those suggestions like BC will just fall on deaf ears like everything else since Don Mattrick took over. Shoot, we even see Rare make a real game now instead of keep pumping out Kinect titles like Darth Mattrick had them doing for the longest.

Your stealthy attempt to downplay another pro xbox article though, Ranger, but still it is nothing more than what you really wanted to believe and trying to pass that negativity to hoodwinked N4G viewers but your reply has zero substance, as usual.

remixx1161181d ago

Lol it wasn't really stealthy, it was blatant lol.

And though I may not play my bone much I own one purely because I know for an absolute fact that it will have a league of great games no matter what, every console that releases does and it would be criminal for me to miss out on that and a betrayal to myself.

dirkdady1181d ago

I work at a corporate company and no decision is truly made by one guy. Typically it's guys like Phil spencer, Harrison, etc... that pitches an idea to don mattrick and a decision is made as a whole and executed with everyone's buy-in. To think don mattrick came up with the DRM idea and strong armed the leadership team at Xbox (Phil spencer) is truly a naive thing to believe.

Don mattrick, a guy who founded a game studio at age 17 and would go on to make some of most memorable Series of the era has significantly more gaming roots than someone like Phil spencer, who spent most of his adult career at Microsoft working on Microsoft Money program, encarta and office suite software.

For those that work at large corporations know that Don was just the fall guy so his replacement Phil can come with a clean slate. You don't think Phil has the help of microsofts mighty PR image team that helped mold his public image by telling him to say things that will please gamers on topics that have been obviously criticized by thing gaming community.

If I were part of the PR team the main things I would tell Phil to focus on are:
No more TV, media and just talk about games - check
Poor indie reputation so announce all kinds of indie support including that every Xbox is an indie dev kit, which has yet to pass - check
Announce Backwards compat despite probably only going t support for a limited amount of time before dropping like they did for Xbox 360. Does anyone remember Xbox game room where msft promised over 1000 arcade coin op titles by end of year but was quietly taken out back and shot to die by Phil? Yea - check

AngelicIceDiamond1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

@Space "In a couple of years when Xbox has more exclusives, maybe I'll consider it."

What do you mean Xbox has a ton of exclusives this holiday and through out the course of 2016. Plus more will announced at Gamescom? Well you said nothing interests you besides Quantum Break but that doesn't mean nothing else exist that's ridiculous.

"But to say that Corporate leadership changed is far from the truth. They simply got rid of the one guy whose name was there in big letters through it all. Phil and Larry were just as much a part of all of this from the start."

I find that interesting considering the last head of Xbox said this.

Coming from the same guy who said BC is backwards and hinted as much it was never coming, or wasn't as much as possible on the console. Hell I don't think he even knew it was possible and IT WAS HIS MACHINE. The man's holding back his own machines capabilities. Who the hell does that? Why not unlock ALL of the consoles strengths. weather its PS4's Share Play or MS BC its vital to play to their strengths. And Don for whatever reason had no intention on doing so.

"But to say that everyone who is in charge now is what has made Xbox better is just as far from the truth."

Phil and his team are playing to every bit of the consoles strengths and aren't holding back until they can't find ways to innovate the machine anymore.

So I HIGHLY disagree.

InTheLab1181d ago

Yusuf Mehdi is still there and he's a VP. He walked out on stage and out right lied about Kinect with that clicker in his pocket during the initial reveal. Yes he worked for Mattrick but 1 man didn't create the Xbox One strategy. They all did and Yusuf was a big part of that.

Kudo Tsunoda is basically the Phil Spencer of the Xbox gimmick division. His input on Kinect along with Mattrick's is the reason why you early X1 guys dropped an extra $150 for no reason at all. He's still there and now he's working on Hololense which means more dumb a$$ games from him and his team. He also went on various shows and lied about Kinect.

Larry Hyrb is still there. While not directly involved in the development of the X1, he is the mouth piece of Xbox. It's the reason why people assume he has authority. He's the man that told you they couldn't flip a switch (lie) and that the X1 was built on the disastrous promises of that horrible reveal (partial lie). The man got angry and Angry Joe for asking what 99% of Xbox gamers wanted to know and he flat out lied about it.

Phil himself was a key component to Don's plans for Xbox One. Some of you sit here and pretend like Phil had his sword and shield out ready fight over some of the dumb things that went on in 2013 and that's simply not true. You give him credit for turning around Xbox but the credit belongs to gamers and the media. Everything that he did after Mattrick quit Xbox is a market reaction. A monkey could have turned Xbox around. Gamers don't like Kinect? Don't focus on Kinect. They thought we focused too much on Tv and sports? Show games. It's simple. You dig a little deeper into it and you'll realize he's no different from Don Mattrick. You still had that ridiculous parity clause in place. Still working on the next gimmick. Still has hopes that Kinect will have a presence in gaming. The only difference is, one got 100% blame for a design decision that was made by a large number of people. Remember, Phil confidently walked out with that smug look on his face and told you you needed kinect and that you'd pay $500 for it. Go back and watch that E3. He got boo'd pretty good there.

So let's be real here. Xbox has come a long way, but the credit belongs to real Xbox fans that were crushed when their once hardcore haven vanished in favor of TV/sports/ well as certain media outlets that blew up the Xbox reveal and the events that followed E3 2013. If we all just sat their and ate what they were selling, Phill would still be telling you about how awesome it is to turn on your Xbox One to check and see if MS wants to let you play your games that day.

DevelopmentArrested1181d ago

I still don't get how the 'you can't just flip a switch' comment was a lie? Can someone explain this seriously to me? Seems like it took them a while to do, didn't just flip a switch. I'm a bit slow on this.

InTheLab1181d ago

From the start of the drm controversy, MS led us to believe that in order to remove the DRM from the x1, they'd basically need to develop a new console. They made it sound like the DRM was baked into the X1 and we know that's not the case.

It's also interesting to note that the day after Adam Boyes appears on the Jimmy Fallon show and tells the world that Sony won't try and take away your right to trade and buy used, MS announces a reverse on the DRM policies, thus effectively FLIPPING a switch.

AngelicIceDiamond1181d ago

"Mattrick is the reason why you early X1 guys dropped an extra $150 for no reason at all. He's still there and now he's working on Hololense which means more dumb a$$ games from him and his team. He also went on various shows and lied about Kinect."

I agree Kinect is a waste from a games point of view but it still serves purpose for my living room however and with Cortana coming later Kinect will be more interesting and accurate.

IDC for Hololens despite that great presentation they had for E3. But tell me how many excellent and memorable PS Move titles were there? For all we know PM could be a gimmick at the end of the day, Kinect was getting all the same praise and positive coverage if not more than PM and look what happened to that.

Sony hasn't proven themselves either on a very successful peripheral. So its not fair to call them the "Xbox Gimmick Division" when Sony has nothing prove themselves.

Other than that 2013 was a very tough year for Xbox.

Gwynbleidd1181d ago

"Kudo Tsunoda is basically the Phil Spencer of the Xbox gimmick division. His input on Kinect along with Mattrick's is the reason why you early X1 guys dropped an extra $150 for no reason at all. He's still there and now he's working on Hololense which means more dumb a$$ games from him and his team. He also went on various shows and lied about Kinect."

I dropped the extra 150 for kinect and day one fun. I can't imagine interacting with my home entertainment systemt without kinect anymore. And with cortana round the corner it is even better that I already own a kinect.
Kinect works as flawless as at the reveal for me.
Remotecontrols belong to the stone age in my living room.

InTheLab1181d ago

" But tell me how many excellent and memorable PS Move titles were there?"


For starters, what has Move or Sony have to do with this?

To answer your question, Bioshock Infinite is the best motion control game ever made and I had fun with Move while playing it. Killzone 3 was fun with Move. After patched, Resistance 3 was great with move. MAG was tough but fun with Move.

Now truthfully, the games specifically made for move were disappointing. Sorcery was not good. Deadmund's Quest was awful.I rarely used it outside of FPS and TPS with Socom 4 which was underrated.

Yeah Move had its fault but at least I could actually use the thing for games I enjoy versus dancing or rail shooters and exercise with Kinect.

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Why o why1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Leadership means more than what you're crediting it for but not as much as some believe either. With a new face, ms had to adopt a new direction. You can't say all of the decisions are down to Phil. . . Some of the credit has to go to the guys above Phil who hired him and listen to his views. Phil was also there during the bodged reveal and time leading up to it so I don't totally exonerate him from guilt. Equally some of that blame has to be accredited to the guys higher up.

Phil is just a more likable face with a gamer first mentality. I like him and what those above him have allowed to to do. Ultimately the higher ups deserve the credit as much as they deserved the flack for their old ways

medman1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

I have a ps4, 360, ps3, and pc....I bought my 360 before my ps3, because it had the games I HAD to play. That changed mid-way through last gen....the ps3 became the console that had the experiences I HAD to have. I haven't seen anything to change that to this point, and those stellar Sony first party exclusives are the sole reason I went ps4 first this time around. I'm sure at some point I'll pick up an xbox 1, probably when they slim it, but there just isn't anything on the system I feel like I'm missing out on.

Last gen, I had to have Mass Effect, Bioshock, and Gears...they were all in the xbox camp, and I really felt they were special games, not to be missed. There is nothing of similar impact offered by xbox to this point. To be fair, Sony hasn't had any game of that impact (outside of perhaps Bloodborne for me), but Sony to this point has more games, the better exclusives (for my gaming tastes), more indie support, and psplus and shareplay are great. Microsoft does have some games coming in 2016 I'm interested in, such as Below, Cuphead, Quantum Break, etc....but Sony has many more that appeal to me coming in 2016.

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ox_ADRlAN_xo1181d ago

I just recently purchased a Xbox one also because the value was too hard to pass up. I've owned every play station but never a Xbox. Not because I didn't want one but that's what my parents bought me growing up and what my friends played. Now I'm 30 and my Xbox one is in the mail.. It feels like I'm 13 again on Christmas morning. Microsofts attitude has definitely helped me make my purchase easier.

Death1181d ago

Congrats on your first Xbox. :)

Rookie_Monster1181d ago

Congrat my friend. Since this is your first xbox, in the Fall when Backward compatibility becomes available, you should go to Gamestop or a best buy to shop for some heavily discounted X360 games so you will have even more to play.

nowitzki20041181d ago

Congrats indeed. But why recommend old gen games? Maybe he had a 360 before and played a lot of them already?

Rookie_Monster1181d ago

ox_ADRlAN_xo said,

"I've owned every play station but NEVER a Xbox."

Don't know about you, but that sounded like this is his first xbox console to me.

Also, even if he has a X360 and many games for it, he can just migrate those games over To the Xb1 and even trade the X360 console in towards a XB1 or credits for even more games.

It is like a 2 way benefit as BC can help new gamers to the xbox brand to catch up with many great games they had missed on the X360 while for those that have a x360 already, it is a great incentive to upgrade to the newest xbox while knowing their x360 investments, digital contents, DLCS, achievements, and also still be able to play against other xbox 360 gamers online are all there.

It is a win win for newcomers and current xbox 360 owners.

ox_ADRlAN_xo1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

You're correct. Never played a Xbox game other than the ones that were on display at a retail store. Any suggestions for games that aren't 3rd party exclusive would be great also. I think I've played most games on my ps4

spacedelete1181d ago

as soon as games like RDR and Bioshock Infinite get added to the backwards compatibility list i will order an Xbox One asap.

TheRedButterfly1181d ago

Can I ask why 7th-gen games would make you buy an 8th-gen. console? Don't get me wrong, I too and looking forward to playing Bioshock Infinite (got it via GWG but haven't broken out the X360 to play it yet), but if you already have those titles, they probably shouldn't be what you're waiting on.

Paytaa1181d ago

Hope you have a lot of fun. Welcome to the Xbox Family :)

Kiwi661181d ago

See being in the xbox family isn't so scary afterall

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skydragoonityx1181d ago

I haven't looked back yet... Until halo 5 & the next gears that is ;)

nowitzki20041181d ago

The only game thats out that I am missing out on is FH2 besides that nothing interests me on the X1 yet.

Simco8761181d ago

Never owned one. Never will. As long as Sony keeps delivering the games that I want, and multplats stay strong no reason to leave. Sorry if that hurts the souls of Xbox fans, more consoles for you I guess.

Godz Kastro1181d ago


Ive owned every system every gen. This is the first time i didnt buy a PS. Im older now and dont have as much time for gaming as I used to. So no PS for me this gen.

However how do you know you dont like something if youve never tried it. Doesn't make sense. Either way, enjoy what you enjoy but keep an open mind.

1181d ago
Simco8761181d ago

Friends have Xbox, so I get to see it enough. Also, don't care for Gears, Halo, or Forza. Games I have all played before, so those are the reasons.

ThePope1181d ago

To be honest it doesn't hurt my soul. One thing I would say, and please feel free to disagree, but you are 100% missing out on some amazing games.

I and most don't care. But you should really reconsider.

DevelopmentArrested1181d ago

I'm pretty sure you not having an Xbox isn't hurting anyone's souls. Probably not one person on this planet has a hurt soul because of your decision.

DragonbornZ1181d ago

"No reason to leave"
Wut? The hell is wrong with gamers nowadays?
I own every console and a pretty good laptop and i'm havin a ball with all these games. There's no reason to leave anything; were all gamers right?

Your comment hurts my gamer soul.

Simco8761181d ago

Family, kids, mortage, no way I could afford all consoles. I have a PC that will run everything, but couldn't afford everything.

DragonbornZ1181d ago


That's understandable. You sound like you were just reluctant to buy an X1 in your first comment.

InTheLab1181d ago

Just out of curiosity, what games have Sony delivered that MS has not? Check out their embarrassing "best way to play this holiday" ad where they show off nothing but multiplats...

Had a blast with Boodborne and inFamous but that's basically all there is after 2 years as far as AAA goes.

Simco8761181d ago

It really isn't about the PS4. Been with Sony since PSX days and they have had more of the games I like. So that's why I stick with them. I have no desire to let an Xbox collect dust in my entertainment center.

cd11181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

I haven't looked into it or anything but have MS delivered an old school side-on shooter yet?

I know it isnt AAA but Resogun is f*ckin class, available on PS4 release day for free...ish with PS+

cd11181d ago

As all i got in return to my genuine question were disagree's, i will assume the answer is no. Its a shame you guys couldn't just be honest.

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_LarZen_1181d ago

You should sell both consoles and buy a PC for that money. It will be the best and most powerful console you have ever experienced.'s nice to have XBO/PS4 for the handful exclusives. My PC is my go to console these days. But not a chance I will miss out Uncharted or Halo..

Death1181d ago

I would recommend keeping the consoles and saving for a PC if that is what you want. If you are buying a PC for games only, find the games you want to play first and build or buy the PC capable of playing them at higher settings.

nowitzki20041181d ago

Great advice, I built my first rig this year and its the ultimate gaming machine. Most games, most free games, cheapest new games, mods.... list can go on and on. No way in hell I buy a multiplat game on my consoles unless its a game me and my friends will play online.

NeoGamer2321181d ago

I have owned high end PCs since the mid 80's to play games.

The reason I buy consoles is simplicity. I don't have to ever upgrade them (other than storage), they sit where my TVs are and the rest of the family uses them without needing me to support it all the time with their stupid PC questions.

The choice to use consoles is never about power, because a console is only high end the first few months it is on the market.

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