5 Classic Games That Can Stand Up To Modern Competitors

It’s hard to decide what makes a good game but what makes a game that is still great 10+ years after it’s release? Let’s dive into games that have stood the test of time and look at what makes these great titles so unique.

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Yukes1204d ago

In my opinion a lot of Bullfrog's classics like Theme Park World, Dungeon Keeper and,in particular, the brilliant Theme Hospital are still great fun today.

MrsNesbitt1204d ago

Loved this! Age of empires III in particular still holds today. Theme hospital and RCT. Great list :)

Maple221203d ago

I used to love playing Roller-coaster Tycoon! Pokemon will never die, I will playing that in my 80's without a doubt. Great list.

Shillmeister1203d ago

So many games to have chosen from, too many classics to name! I wonder if we'll look back on modern games in the future with the same nostalgic love?

cynicgamer1203d ago

Baldur's Gate was a classic. That takes me back. There's so many in this list that make me weep from nostalgia :')

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The story is too old to be commented.