Madden 16 Ratings: Top 5 Quarterbacks


The very first thing you will do with Madden 16 is tear open the box and delve into the player ratings, but this article will help you with that by giving you a look at the official top five quarterbacks on the game, with Peyton Manning dropping out of the elite group.

He soared as high as 98 on the last edition of the game, though EA have put him into decline. But who will take his place among the top dogs, and who is the best quarterback in the league?

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BlackPanther1179d ago

Tony Romo getting snubbed is crappy. But also predictable, he gets a lot of useless hate.

brokenbracket1177d ago

Yeah, because he's won multiple Super Bowl rings and makes clutch plays when it counts. If you gave Peyton Manning that offensive line, Demarco Murray at running back, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, he would've won five Super Bowl rings by now.

Useless hate, lol. He can't win a Superbowl if his life depended on it. I'm surprised Jerry Jones is still sticking with him... actually, no... no I'm not surprised.

BlackPanther1177d ago

I had a lengthy response but what is the point, you don't seem to understand the NFL.

Someone who had the best passer rating last year and is second ALL TIME should be a Top 5 QB in this game. This has nothing to do with his inability to win a SB, which by the way is a team accomplishment and not a QB stat.

Under your logic Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino.