Mafia 3 Could Be Set in the Late Sixties?

Analysing silhouettes and cars of the latest Mafia 3 official image, can we set the game in the late sixties?

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DERKADER1182d ago

Well seeing as though Mafia 2 was set in the late 40's, early 50's it would make sense. Also the cars in the image look like they're from the 60's-70's.

DirtyPete1182d ago

This game is exactly what I've been waiting for! Cant wait to see what comes next :)

OhMyGandhi1181d ago

Mafia 2 was hugely under rated, and contained one of the most satisfying single player campaigns I've experienced in a long time.

UNKLE1181d ago

maffia2 setting was the best nothing can beat that.

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