How to Add More Storage to Your Xbox One

Every Xbox One comes with a 500 GB hard drive, but with game sizes bulking up to 60 GB and beyond, you’re probably going to run out of space sooner rather than later. And that goes double for Xbox Live Gold members, who get free digital games each month.

To see how much hard drive space you have left, select “My Games & Apps” from the home screen. On the left, you’ll see exactly how much space you have left on your Xbox One’s internal hard drive.

If you’ve downloaded a handful of big games, you’re probably starting to run low. Thankfully, you’re not stuck with that tiny hard drive. You can expand your storage capabilities to your heart’s content, and it’s so easy even a technophobe can do it. Here’s how.

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DirtyPete1177d ago

Already noticed a storage issue on my Xbox One. I need to do this sooner rather than later especially if I want to keep downloading my gold games x) haha

Chanogram1177d ago

We really need an article/how-to about how to plug in a USB 3.0 hard drive?

NobodyEpic1177d ago ShowReplies(4)
Rookie_Monster1177d ago

1. Buy a USB3 extenal HDD
2. Plug it in to any of the 3 USB ports that are available on the xb1

How much easier can you get?

Aenea1177d ago

Yeah, kinda thought that there was no need for a whole article for this!

XtaZ1176d ago

You CAN upgrade the internal HDD on Xbox One, but you loose your warranty. You can also add 2 external hard drives and the XB1 supports any size, so you could also add a multi bay drive for even more storage. In other words, storage will never be an issue on Xbox One unlike the PS4, unless Sony opens up external HDD support in the future.

_-EDMIX-_1176d ago

Actually very true. If one wishes to void their warranty, its feasible to upgrade their drive.

Still waiting for MS to actually make a sku that actually makes it easy to access the drive.

I'm not sure who they are trying to keep out of there lol

freshslicepizza1176d ago

you know what's easy. using an external hard drive. you don't need to open anything up and you could go as high as 16 tb. why doesn't the ps4 allow external hard drives to store your games, what are they trying to keep out of there?

_-EDMIX-_1176d ago Show
freshslicepizza1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

"Still waiting for MS to actually make a sku that actually makes it easy to access the drive."

it is easy, you can buy a 500gb hard drive or a 1tb hard drive xbox one system or you can also add an external drive up to 16 gb of extra storage. what's the hard part again?

"I'm not sure who they are trying to keep out of there lol"

yet you call others trolls for pointing out the competition doesn't allow external drives while you mock the xbox one and think it's because of the original drm plans even though none of the other xbox systems in the past allowed to change the drive but they made it VERY easy to allow external drives?

"I only need 2TB, I'm not sure why I would have anything more on either system."

oh i see, you need 2tb but not the 1tb they offer and not an external that allows up to 16 gb? oh i get it, you like to focus on any weakness the xbox one may have all while ignoring the competition. and if anyone brings that up they are trolls yet here you are telling everyone microsoft wants to keep things out while ignoring how easy it is to add an external drive? wow, just wow.

gangsta_red1176d ago

"Easy doesn't make it a better choice..."

But yet it's easier for you to pack and unpack older consoles to play old games but not easy to just hook up a 2TB, 4 or 6TB to your Xbox One? Hmmmmm....

Someone isn't a true gamer.

Why wouldn't and couldn't you leave your external on all the time while playing your games? What would be the difference between it being on outside your console or inside?

And why would you even care since you don't own a Xbox One and would just get their games on PC anyways. Ooooh but you're waiting on MS for a sku that allows you to change the HDD.

Oh bud, the more comments you leave the more you get exposed.

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