The British Racing Invasion Arrives in the Forza Motorsport 6 Garage

A new batch of touring cars have been officially confirmed for Forza Motorsport 6.

Featuring in the most recent 'Forza Garage' update, the collection of tin-top racers are all sourced from touring car championships from 2014.

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crazychris41241177d ago

Sounds awesome, hope they reveal some stock cars soon. (NASCAR)

Septic1177d ago

Cant be that hard. Just make oval tracks, insert cars that can only turn in one direction and add some hillbilly soundtracks.

#generalise #iblamesouthpark

Immorals1177d ago

And an autopilot mode for when we fall asleep.

urwifeminder1176d ago

Nice not long now and I will follow Australian motorsports again when the dinosaur cars die off and we get some international action here again like the 80s.