Random FIFA 16 Limited Beta Invites Are Being Sent To FIFA 15 Players

EA Sports are now sending random invitations to Xbox One and PS4 FIFA 15 players, to allow them to participate in FIFA 16 closed-beta scheduled to kick off on Aug. 13.

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Mostafeto1274d ago

I am very excited to see the changes made to FIFA 16 and try it out for myself but I hope I get this email :D

demonicale1274d ago

Doesn't matter, the game will promise much and deliver the same buggy experience as every other year.

They alway's promise bugs being fixed and new "gimmicks". But it's the same shit every year and you sheep throw your money at them.

spacedelete1274d ago

thats alot of sheep. i think FIFA 15 sold around 17 million approximately and that doesn't include digital. just for a yearly sports game. crazy.

Mostafeto1274d ago

I agree with you that the game always have bugs and new glitches that players just exploit to win and skill doesn't matter but still every year the experience and gameplay is slightly better.

HxCGamer1274d ago


Every year the game is different. I put thousands of hours into it and I love it.
I don't get why people that clearly don't even like sports criticize games about sports.

Football is going to always play like football... each iteration of FIFA is better than the previous one. And no, I don't want to wait 3 years for a really big improvement instead of receiving this improvement yearly.

darren_poolies1274d ago

I got the invite yesterday!

Mostafeto1274d ago

Congrats buddy tell us about the game when you play it in August

HxCGamer1274d ago

you are so lucky... ugh. I play all the time but nothing yet =/

darren_poolies1274d ago

Haven't played for a while but in my uni house we played all the time, well over 1000 games on FUT.

AutoCad1274d ago

They are not random..They are being sent to those who play Pro clubs..But i like what EA is doing with these previews..
NHL16 is also having a test run for those who own NHL15

HxCGamer1274d ago

I play pro clubs... all the time. Div 1 with my club, but nothing yet. Really crossing my fingers here!

Mostafeto1274d ago

It has nothing to do with Pro Clubs AT ALL. I have been playing Pro Clubs every day for almost 3 months now and didn't even open Ultimate Team except for TOTS and before it and I still didn't receive anything. Also why would they even choose people from one mode only ? That is not reasonable at all.

AutoCad1274d ago

Because thats the only mode being tested...its not the full game.

Izalith1274d ago

I have played both of the modes FIFA UT and Pro Clubs, hope to get an invite. :)

Mostafeto1274d ago

I literally play everything haha :D I played Career both as a manager of PSG *Dificulty Legendary never played on lower* bought Ronaldo in my first year, hope it happens in real life and as a player at Real Madrid. I also played tons of UT, more than a thousand matches literally and won Div 1 4 times. (Record: 647-124-492) I play Pro Clubs with my friends. I even played Custom Tournament when I have my family and friends around. All of that and still no invite, WHAT ELSE SHOULD I DO ? haha :D

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