Merry Christmas for Microsoft in Oz

Microsoft has announced that last week was a record breaker for Xbox 360 sales in Australia - despite the fact that the Nintendo Wii launched there on Thursday.

In the week ending December 10, AU$ 5.8 million (3.4 million Euro) worth of Xbox products were sold, according to GfK data. That figure includes consoles to the value of AU$ 2.6 million (1.5 million Euro) along with games and accessories.

The Wii launched on December 7 but according to David McLean, regional director for Xbox Australia and New Zealand, the arrival of Nintendo's new console had little impact on 360 sales.

"In terms of retail revenue, Xbox 360 has generated around AU $145 million [86 million Euro] in ANZ this year. We?re pleased to report that despite new competition in the market, sales are showing no signs of slowing down," he commented.

"I put this down to a combination of three things - demonstrable value for money backed by powerful hardware, plus a huge range of next-generation games and accessories."

McLean went on to observe that Xbox 360 is the fastest-selling home console in Australia, with more than 100,000 units and 400,000 games sold since its March launch.

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Monchichi0254352d ago

X-Box only sold in America people! LOL Show's these idiot PS3 fanboys that the 360 does just fine in other markets.

JPomper4352d ago

Need more Australian accents on XBL plz k thnx

PS360PCROCKS4352d ago

Wow, that's crazy, that's 5078 consoles sold in one week...

Fu11clip4352d ago

i told yall Xbox 360 is beast....LONG LIVE 360

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4352d ago

this country along with the UK & US of A is where Microsoft should spend the majority of its time and money, not Japan.

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