10 Times Movies Spat In The Face Of Gaming

Retro video game based film Pixels hit cinemas this week, and caused a smaller splash than Peter Pan walking the plank. Unless you count the army of critics lining up to denounce it as a crime against cinema, that is.

Hollywood has a bad habit of misunderstanding video game culture, and the result is usually a hilariously terrible attempt at an adaptation or ‘homage’.

Here are ten of the worst examples.

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lilmisscherry1203d ago

I loved the Tomb Raider and Resident Evil films

shodan741203d ago

Judged on their own merits, I thought they were kind of fun, in a silly, disposable trashy way.

But it really irks me just how much the Resident Evil movies miss the point. It may have been inspired by schlock, but Resi was always about intense atmosphere, survival and moody dread - and yet we ended up with someone kung-fu kicking a zombie dog in mid air!

Look at the first RE film. The mansion is literally a facade. Then we spend the rest of it in a boring, bland lab environment with (mostly) bloodless action. It's fun - but it's got nothing in common with what made Resi great.

NukaCola1203d ago

Why no just say Uwe Boll and then drop the mic? Dead or Alive, House of the Dead, Far Cry, BloodRayne, Postal, Alone in the Dark? No need to put RE in there. They are cheesy but decent. Mario make be terrible, but not a slap in the face like Boll has done time and again.

nowitzki20041202d ago

RE used to be my favorite videogaming franchise... When I first heard they were making a RE movie I was jumping up and down, then when I watched it I was scratching my head because that was not RE.

cfc781203d ago

Should of handed George Romero the Resident Evil movies and told him to put his old school Night/Dawn/Day Of The Dead style of movies on to the franchise but instead they went down the cheap flashy effects route and further degraded the Resident Evil name that was so great years ago.

As for the rest theres only Need For Speed that I actually thought was half way decent.

SolidGear31202d ago

Originally George Romero was going to direct it.

DanJenkoFMV1203d ago

I think The Last Of Us movie, which is being written by the same person who wrote the game's dialogue, will serve as proof movie adaptions of games are worthwhile. It seems directors of films based on games fail to understand how far the medium has come - which is why time and time again there are so many of these awful movies.

UltraNova1202d ago

If they hire the guy who directed The Road then consider me excited for this game to film adaptation.

Rimeskeem1202d ago

The Prince of Persia movie wasnt that bad compared to the others IMO

OhMyGandhi1202d ago

not to be "that guy", but that girl from Spy Kids definitely grew up in the best way possible.

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