Mafia 3 Worldwide Reveal Set For August 5

SegmentNext - Mafia Game official Facebook Page accidentally leaked the teaser for the Worldwide reveal of Mafia 3. Yes, if that post is to be believed, we will get to see Mafia 3 on August 5.

Update: Offical Twitter account of 2K united has officially announced

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Golden_Mud1177d ago

This is gonna be awesome!

bloodybutcher1176d ago

You mean hog-tied and stuck in a boot of a car?

showtimefolks1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I hope they take everything they learned from mafia 2 and make mafia 3 the best game in the series. I loved the story in mafia 2 but the open world felt rally empty

I also hope that it isn't exclusive to any console please, I am kind of worried since this is being revealed at gamescom that Microsoft may have something to announce on stage.

I also hope this is coming sooner rather than later

I know this is 2k and not R* but they are both under take two as a publisher. I hope we find out what some of the other R* teams are working on

I so want a rdr game on next gen consoles

very excited for mafia 3

gamertk4211177d ago

Hopefully MS secured a Tomb Raider style timed exclusivity.

TwoForce1177d ago

Don't worry, it won't be. Because Mafia 2 sell very well. I love Mafia 2 because the story, the old school of 20th centuries.

showtimefolks1177d ago


why please tell me what will you gain as a gamer? seriously I want to know do you get extra pleasure if a game is exclusive to your console?

smh problem with today's gamers. it's people lIke you who love the word exclusive. companies say that word a lot during conferences to please gamers like you

I for one hope it comes to all next gen consoles and pc. awesome games shouldn't be limited to one fanbase especially when we are talking about 3rd party titles

kraenk121176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I actually was a bit disappointed by Mafia 2. part 1 was groundbreaking, better than GTA at that time and part 2 just didn't deliver on my expectations.

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_-EDMIX-_1176d ago

Dat reveal of dat reveal!

Ashlen1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I dunno. Ok I guess, Mafia 2 was a B rank game at best. An open world with nothing to do in it.

It'll be nice to continue the story I guess, seeing as it ended with a lame cliffhanger that felt rushed.

Golden_Mud1176d ago

Mafia 2 ended with a cliffhanger? """"Spoile rs""""

The game ended with a great emphasize that Vito will get big, but for Joey, most likely the silence at the end when Vito was in the limo meant that Joey died.

For Mafia 3, the hints says that it would take nearly 30-20-10 years after Mafia 2. Vito could be mentioned in the third game but just like Tommy was mentioned in Mafia 2 when Vito and Joey killed him in middle part of the game.

Professor_K1176d ago

Im in love with mafia II

this is a nice suprise

1176d ago
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cfc781177d ago

Awesome been waiting on this since the second I finished Mafia 2.

skulz71177d ago

Wooo mafia 2 was incredible!

Psygnosis3331176d ago

Mafia 1 was better..or is just me ?

xTheMercenary_1176d ago

I'd say its just opinion lol.

kraenk121176d ago

It was much better tbh.

Genuine-User1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I thoroughly enjoyed Mafia 1 & 2.
I am excited to see what they have on show.

Am-No-Hero1177d ago

OMG my body is ready

take my money noooooooooww

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