The Witcher 3 Triss Romance Option Won’t Be Tweaked In The Next Update

The Witcher 3 Triss romance option won't be expanded in the game's upcoming update, the team's Community Lead confirmed

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joab7771203d ago

It's unbelievable how much support this game has received. They listen to every complaint, and do their best to accommodate. I don't think ng+ was even an idea until the clamors were heard a few wks ago.

Now, they are even gonna flesh out Triss' romance. I know this game got very high scores, which it deserved. But, it's also one of those rare instances in which a sp game probably deserves another look once everything is all said and done.

Everyone needs to take a look at how CDPR has had led TW3...stellar!!!

Now, I hope ng+ ratchets up the difficulty even for DM. I got a little worried when it said you can choose when you start again.

Mcardle1203d ago

Support has been stellar, but the new game plus hype started when they found reference to it hidden in the games files, so must of been on their mind at some point!!!

DanteVFenris6661203d ago

New game plus was definatley in mind. Evidence is in the impossible to reach level cap of 70. Now it makes sense

mep691203d ago

I've got my Witcher 3 collectors edition sitting on my floor still because i'm waiting to upgrade my pc. Can't wait to play when i finally get my new build.