What we want from FIFA 16 career mode

After so few changes, career mode needs whipping into shape or it's getting dropped from the squad.

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SegaGamer1203d ago

Remove that stupid attribute masking, i hate it. I want to play games, not spend forever scouting players.

Scrivlar1203d ago

Please just stop putting games 2 or 3 days away from eachother so my players aren't always fucked for important games. Or if you have to do it give players realistic energy, I can understand that Alonso needed a rest, but Ronaldo?! Bale?! C'monnnnnn!

Scrivlar1203d ago

Oh also I liked the old system for moving to a new team where you were rated as a manager by stars and the more successful you were the more stars you filled until you could pick any team. But now If I want to leave Madrid after winning the CL I can only go to Barca, Man U, and Chelsea for example. But what if I want to test myself in the Championship? Simply put, the list of teams you can join should constantly increase with the amount of success you have.

iistuii1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I get what you mean, but if we're talking about EA trying to be realistic, who would go from say Liverpool/Chelsea in the prem to a championship/league one team ?. You would be offered those if you were sacked, which is realistic, but why would you get offered a lower league team if you just won the CL. Imagine pep guadiola going to Tenerife after winning he CL with Barca, wouldn't happen. If you want to go down that road, play as a lower league team in the first season then work your way upwards.

Scrivlar1202d ago

I couldn't reply to you there but yeah I see what you're saying and I appreciate the realism. However I would think of it more like you applying to them rather than them sending you an offer, so in my head I'm picturing myself. It's just about having options for a player, I'd probably never do it but the fact the option isn't there bugs me haha.