Dragon Quest XI's PS4 Version Gets First Gameplay Footage; Chara Design Done by Akira Toriyama

During a livestreamed presentation from Tokyo, following the announcement of Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and 3DS, Square Enix showcased the first gameplay footage of the PS4 version of the game.

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DarkOcelet1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I am drooling right now.

The visuals looks beautiful.

Level 5 + Dragon Quest + PS4 + UE4 = A Masterpiece incoming!

Keep the awesomeness coming Square. Excellent job here.

Relientk771206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

This made my day and it just started. Another JRPG I'm getting!

Edit at the video: ugh I hate that you guys speak Japanese I can't understand what you are saying but I love the games you make! Lol

DarkOcelet1206d ago


I really hope this gets a 2016 release date.

Star Ocean V

And whatever JRPG else in 2016 is gonna make it an awesome year.

Angeljuice1206d ago Show
DonkeyDoner1206d ago

no level 5 involved this time even the 3ds version, its being developed with orca(never heard of them)

1 thing i really wish is its turn based

DarkOcelet1206d ago

They are developing the PS4 to some extension. Their involvement might be minimal but its there and that for me is good enough.

cloud 2791206d ago

@DarkOcelet, Level 5 isn't mentioned at all.
They are working on a PS4 JRPG that was stated by Hino last year to reveal @ E3 2015, but may have been pushed to TGS 2015.

breakpad1206d ago

the game looks to have excellent atmosphere ...i hope it is SP only and not online

DonkeyDoner1206d ago

where do you get that info level-5 invoolvement??i do hope this game co-developed by level-5 but they're not..they're too busy milking youkai watch

callahan091206d ago

Wow, once they leave the city and go to the overworld, the graphics look freaking beautiful! The city looks good too, but not as jawdropping. I'm surprised how different this looks from the 3DS version, they're really pouring full resources into a separate version built for PS4, this isn't like an upscaled 3DS version at all.

DarkOcelet1206d ago

Dont forget the game is still in production and the final product will look different and there will be NPC in towns so things will be completely different.

LCEvans1206d ago

I am 100% buying a PS4 for this!!

Xbox fan or not this is beautiful!

ThunderPulse1206d ago

Next they should make a rated M JRPG.We haven't gotten many of those.

kaizokuspy1206d ago

Then there'd be way too many tentacle bosses in mature jrpg games.

3-4-51205d ago

This made my 2015.....

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FallenAngel19841206d ago

All hail no more random encounters!

plsburydoughboy1206d ago

All the Dragon Quest games had their characters designed by Akira Toriyama

Relientk771206d ago

PS4 the King of JRPGs, Yes! So hyped right now

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The story is too old to be commented.