Dragon Quest XI For PS4 and Nintendo 3DS Officially Announced; PS4 Version Done in Unreal Engine 4

During a livestreamed presentation, Square Enix finally announced Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete, the next numbered installment of the Dragon Quest series.

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DarkOcelet1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

From what i understood, there is a different producer for both the 3DS and the PS4 version.

And they are using UE4 on the PS4. I want this $hit now!

Edit 1

Holy! The PS4 version looks incredible.

Square Enix is back on full force. I love you Square.

Edit 2

The Waterfall and the foliage looks beautiful.

Can someone confirm that this is Single Player only? I am about to die from happiness here.

MightyNoX1179d ago ShowReplies(22)
GribbleGrunger1179d ago

And they announced DQ10 for the PS4 too.

DarkOcelet1179d ago

While DQ10 announcement for PS4 is great.

But a Level 5 Dragon Quest game is just Megaton. Great day to be a gamer.

GribbleGrunger1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Which one is Level 5? I didn't see and I haven't read anything about Level 5 developing the PS4 version of DQ11

edit: It's NOT being developed by Level 5.

DarkOcelet1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

The people who made Dark Cloud 1 and 2 and Ni No Kuni for the PS3. So thats incredible news.


"The game's full title is Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time, the producer is Saito Yosuke and Level 5 is involved with development in some capacity. The PS4 version (and presumably NX edition) runs on Unreal Engine 4, which means that the 3DS edition will be running on something else entirely, as Unreal 4 doesn't currently support the system.

Jubez1871179d ago

DQX for PS4 and states? Or still Jp Onry?

SegaGamer1179d ago

Hopefully it's released outside of Japan, i see no reason why they wouldn't. What a great time to be a DQ fan.

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oricon1179d ago

it is also announced for Nintendo NX but theres no logo for it.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1179d ago

because the NX is a codename not official name

Ikki_Phoenix1179d ago

who cares
the game will be already out by the time nin release their next console failure

remixx1161179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )


Final Fantasy 7
Star Ocean V
Worlds of Final Fantasy
Nier 2
Final Fantasy XIV
Final FantasyX/X2 remaster
Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest Heroes 2
Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest X mmo

When will this PS4 + Squeenix exclusive combo end I mean jeez I'm loving square again, if they announce a Final Fantasy IX remake for PS4 I'm going to flatline.

Plus the multiplats

Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3........also tomb raider a year later I guess.....I'm caring about that less and less.

DarkOcelet1179d ago

I really hope it doesnt end lol.

Keep em coming Square.

Next up is hopefully Parasite Eve Remake or Vagrant Story Remake. This gen is just getting starting. And Square will blow us away!

nX1179d ago

Yeah I hated Square Enix last year for various reasons but my sympathy for them is growing rapidly again. Let's hope they can repeat their glorious PS1 days and give us incredible JRPG's again.

DigitalRaptor1179d ago

They truly are fast becoming the best publisher this generation.

What a magnificent turn-around.

This whole 3DS/PS4 combo reminds me of Ni No Kuni, too. They definitely know where their fanbases lie this generation.

Spyroo1179d ago

You missed out Final Fantasy DISSIDIA :)

That will definitely come to PS4

SegaGamer1179d ago

Oh man, so much Dragon Quest is on the way. So many JRPG's coming to the PS4. If you are a fan of JRPG's then getting a PS4 is a must buy.

Deathdeliverer1179d ago

You forgot about the PS4 Dissidia game. Gameplay looks great.

Meryl1179d ago

If they remake FFIX they better remake FFVIII first lol:)

_-EDMIX-_1178d ago

Agreed. I'd rather they focus on quality content, then trying to make it on every platform. That hurt them a whole lot last gen in terms of funds.

I'd rather they just focus on doing what they do best with games and never mind trying to grow XONE's JRPG crowd. The reality is, it just doesn't do well on that platform and why keep wasting money, when that money can be spent on 2 platforms that actually do well in the east?

I think this is a great move, Sega has been doing it since last gen and its only helped them as they bought Relic and Atlus and Creative Assembly with that extra dough.

Its correct for Square to focus on the east and not waste money trying to appeal to the masses, that only lost them sales last gen from both sides.

I like Square to focus on Japaneses content, I don't want them to go out like Capcom. Let Eidos and IO figure out the west on XONE, let the Japanese teams focus on Japanese consoles and handhelds, this was a great move by Square and Square seems to have had a huge plan for years to start developing on less platforms and its only showing right now, they are doing a beast job right now!

Also can't wait to see what they do with the Bravely Default series!

XanderZane1178d ago

Both FF XV and KH3 will be on the XB1. Dragon Quest has never been on the XB at all, so it's not surprising that these new games won't be on it. They will be on the NX and 3DS, so they aren't exclusive. The only DQ game I ever finished was the first one. My favorite was still DQ8 and I didn't beat that one either. DQ is huge in Japan and the XB1 isn't, which is why there is no XB1 version. If SE ever decided to move those games over to XB1, I would suggest a collectors edition. Do DQ 1-5 and a DQ 6-10. Otherwise, don't even bother.

killacal131178d ago

I am going to buy every single one of those games you listed.

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Farsendor11179d ago

Also got announced for NX. Wonder if we can get a title update.

MasterCornholio1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I believe the interesting part is that it was announced for both the NX and the PS4. Maybe this is a sign that the NX will get more multiplats than the Wii U did.

I'm probably reaching here but it would be great if true.

ecchiless1178d ago

SO NX is coming soon, so wii u gonna get less and less games?

Blasphemy1179d ago

the dragon quest series should have never left playstation from the start. i think if 10 had released on ps3 it would have been more successful.

Kribwalker1179d ago

Square explains their decision to go PS4 exclusive "Sony showed more passion".... Funny how quickly the exclusive 3rd party argument swings, in only one day

Blasphemy1177d ago

lol im sure it had nothing to do with the ps4 being the number one selling console of this generation.

kaizokuspy1179d ago

I'm excited. Never had the platform a DQ game was on but always heard amazing things. After watching some ps4 visuals I am sold. With tales of zestria and baseria, plus dragon quest, as well as ff15/star ocean . It would seem the jrpgs have arrived come late 2015 and 2016

_-EDMIX-_1178d ago

You'll love the DQ series, very old school in gameplay, the MMO may not represent all that though.

The game looks incredible.

_-EDMIX-_1178d ago

But wait? I thought DQ would not be coming to PS4? The deep, deep lolz.

Now those that stated that are now comically ghost and m.i.a.

Many called this a mile away. This is surprising and not surprising at the same time lol.

Also good to hear Level 5 on board!

3-4-51178d ago

"Update: Historical Composer Koichi Sugiyama will also return, alongside Dragon Ball‘s Akira Toriyama as Character Designer. A Nintendo NX version will also be developed and revealed at a later time."

* Dragon Quest 11 = PS4,3DS & NX.

Very Smart business move.

* Highest install base for consoles & Handhelds + the newest console on the market.

Probably getting all 3 versions...because why not!

3-4-51178d ago

3DS Versions shows regular version on top but the bottom screen is like SNES graphics style ? Awesome!

skratchy1178d ago

Where did you see gameplay of this?! The teaser isn't enough! I've been playing Dragon Quest since the 80s. Still stoked for more after all these years.

DarkOcelet1178d ago

I watched the live stream...

In case you missed the gameplay, here it is :) Enjoy!

Its marvelous. All those years waiting.

DarkOcelet1178d ago

Square didnt comment on that subject yet. But hopefully it do get localized.

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FallenAngel19841179d ago

Square Enix made the best choice here. They couldn't abandon either fanbase after all the support PlayStation and Nintendo gamers have given them all these years. An excellent way to celebrate the series 30th anniversary.

DarkOcelet1179d ago

Square is doing an excellent job here especially making a huge difference between the PS4 version and the 3DS and they both looks really incredible.

bouzebbal1179d ago

exactly, reminds me of Ninokuni for DS and PS3. Massive graphical difference.
The new CEO is a boss! FF7 remake and Dragon Quest XI, Builders and Quest II. How can i not be happy.

sashimi1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

IF they're doing a 3DS version they might as well do a vita version, one can dream :(

but i'll take the ps4 version and run with it.

spacedelete1179d ago

they should remaster DQ8 for PS4 as i have always wanted to get into this series and that was rated highly on PS2.

nitus101179d ago

I have the original PS2 version of DQ 8 and on a BC PS3 it displays quite well on my 55" HDTV so a remaster at least for me is a no buy.

However for people who have not played the game and like classic turn based RPG's with an interesting story this is a really good game.

_-EDMIX-_1178d ago

Agreed. With Odin Sphere getting a remake, Square should look into it, they always do pretty good ports anyway so I think they might do one ala KH HD Remix on PS3, they might make it PS3, PS4, Vita or something.

@Nitus10- Thats good you feel that way, but a port put in HD will always be better then merely playing a low res game, upscaled on PS3 though BC.

But at least you have options lol.

DQ8 looked UNREAL for its time and it was nice to see PS2 get some turned based love for its time lol.

theshredded1179d ago

I am beyond ecstasy right now

DonkeyDoner1179d ago

ps4 JRPG master race
after ps4 footage im not worried about the graphic though too bad no battle scene

tanukisuit1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Looks like that new CEO for S.E is doing a fantastic job, bring out the megatons!

Whitey2k1179d ago

Yes he is doing much better then that previous idiot of a ceo and with the games they announced so far aka DQ builders two lots of DQ and star ocean and FF7 the ceo is actually listening to it's people

_-EDMIX-_1178d ago

Agreed. He had a plan for some time now and its starting to look like Square is getting things together again.

Good to see them not trying to be EA and make games EVERYWHERE and try to make them more western JUST to appeal to all gamers, I'd rather they stick to making core genres and 1 to 2 systems and not seek releasing titles EVERYWHERE just because.

Its clear they can't make money off of XB, they might as well only leave that platform to certain titles ie Tomb Raider, Hitman, main FF's etc. A Square that saves, is a Square that stays in business longer.