N++: Is it the hardest game of all time?

After years of development N++ has finally released, but does it live up to its reputation of being one of the most difficult games of all time? Its into certainly isn't difficult, but that might be a good thing for players new to the series.

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pat_11_51205d ago

This one is even harder, seriously. Although the early parts of the game I play in his video are basic.

metalgod881204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

What makes it harder? The last few chapters of the first game were incredibly difficult, not to mention the ridiculousness of the multiplayer levels.

I'm hoping all that makes a return. I am curious, is this game worth $20? I loved N+, but twenty bucks is a good amount of money.

tastas211205d ago

lol dude you're so bad. Do you even play n+ el oh el

Relientk771204d ago

Wow and N+ was already ridiculously hard

pat_11_51204d ago

This game is crazy hard. Even some of the training levels are challenging.