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PSInsider author writes: Onechanbara is a video game series hailing from Japan that has been around for sometime. The most recent release, Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, hit US shelves, having already been released in Japan last year, earlier this month. I acquired a copy and spent some time sitting down and playing it. After playing it, there is one thing I’d like to say upfront; this game is NOT for kids. There is a lot of fan service, some interesting language and a ton of blood and gore.

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Bill_Willson_CIA1205d ago

Nice! gonna get this game togheter with Persona 5

GrimDragon1205d ago

Ok I am going to tell you how this game really is. I had the import version. It's almost exactly like the first one kill a bunch a zombies, a boss, rinse repeat. Boring blasé levels, barely there story, and here's the best part of the 20 or so levels many of them consist of just watching a movie lol that's it that's a level. And for the last level you fight all the bosses again and one of the bosses you fight at least 8 to ten times I lost count it's a dog like creature you'll be very sick of fighting again and again and again. The last level has you taking an elevator up a building of about 100 floors and each floor is exactly like the last kill zombies kill dog boss take elevator repeat. The graphics are ugly very ugly the character models are just horrid and far from sexy. The unlockable outfits are pointless and don't make the girls any hotter they wear the same thing just different colors. If this sounds awesome to you have fun. Personally I'd play golden axe beast rider or even blades of time before this garbage at least the girls were pretty.