Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Boss Fights Can Be Won With Combat, Stealth, Conversation

Eidos Montreal's upcoming role-playing game, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, will address one of the major complaints levelled at its predecessor by allowing players to deal with bosses in multiple ways.

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masterfox1272d ago

with conversation ? hell yeah can't wait to insult a boss to the death! or romantic words! :D

LordMaim1271d ago

"How appropriate! You fight like a cow!"

Rekyyli1271d ago

"I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me."

rdgneoz31271d ago

Probably something like this:

Or if it's a female boss, make a comment about her weight and she'll run off crying...

Shinuz1271d ago

Well just like in the first one you could kill gunther hermann without fighting him, provided you had access to some secret information regarding him.

TheCommentator1271d ago

Maybe we could bore them to death with small talk?

SolidGear31271d ago

Yeah they'll commit suicide, lol

DarkOcelet1272d ago

Stealth all the way baby!

ZaWarudo1272d ago

That's really awesome. One of my favorite parts about HR was the writing.

spacedelete1271d ago

nice. this is turning into the game i wish HR was even though it was decent.

rdgneoz31271d ago

HR was great except for the boss fights, seeing as they outsourced them.

LordMaim1270d ago

The DC version made some vast improvements to the boss fights, improving an already great game. I had been really apprehensive about an additional game in the series, but HR really delivered. I can't wait to see what DXMD brings to the table.

gangsta_red1271d ago

Sounds like the next gen battle I have been waiting to see from developers.

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