August 2015 PS4, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases in North America and Europe

"Continuing a busy summer for new games, next month is headlined by Until Dawn, Madden NFL 16, and Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition at retail, with the digital line-up including Volume, Goat Simulator, Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PS Vita, and much more."

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Germany71232d ago

Great games are coming, i'm really interested on Until Dawn and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

uth111231d ago

Until Dawn for me. I'm on the fence about Rapture

NukaCola1231d ago

Let us android owners not forget FALLOUT SHELTER comes out August 13th on Google Play Store. And updates are coming to include Deathclaws and Mr Handy! :)

BattleTorn1231d ago

Yea! Hopefully my Galaxy S5 runs it better than my iPad ......

excaliburps1232d ago

Until Dawn!!! I'm hyped for this even if it's not a AAA game.

ArchangelMike1232d ago

Until Dawn definately has my interest. The only thing is that it releases a few days before MGSV - Which I'm getting Day 1. So I don't kow if I should wait and then get Until Dawn.

seanpitt231231d ago

I was thinking the same if they had released until dawn early August instead of 25th then they would of got more sales I would of bought it but not with mgs and madmax Coming out on the same day. I will have to see how it goes.

spacedelete1231d ago

just watch Until Dawn on YouTube. same experience. there i saved you some money. waiting for a "thank you".

Scatpants1231d ago

Mad Max and Metal gear come out just a week later.

remixx1161231d ago

Thank you.....happy now???? Will you leave forever.....please I don't want to have just wasted a "thank you".

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BlackPanther1231d ago

I'm pretty sure Until Dawn counts as a AAA game. Not too sure about that but it is a retail $60 title.

SoapShoes1231d ago

Who says it's not AAA? It uses the Shadowfall engine and probably cost a lot to make seeing how long it has been in development.

NeverHeavyMan1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

It being a AAA game or not shouldn't matter (though, I'm not sure how reached such a conclusion, given the engine it runs on and the full backing from SCEi as a retail title).

@ spacedelete: Seems like you want the game more than many others, since every article discussing it is infected by your nonsense.

Scatpants1231d ago

Looks kind of interesting, but very short. I'm not the type to replay a game over and over so I'll probably pick it up on black friday when it's cheap.

Sevir1231d ago

AAA refers to budget and production value... and the fact that it has finacial backing from a major Publisher...

LOL so i'm not sure how you came to the notion that Until Dawn is not AAA. its using the Shadow Fall engine and has been reworked and redesigned with a huge cast of Actors from the Movie industry, and the game costs $60

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slappy5081231d ago

I had no idea Risen 3 was being released so soon, must buy for me. And there's also this other horror game that I want to play all through the night Until Dawn.

showtimefolks1231d ago

but but ps4 has no games lol, I just love how often I have read that on gaming sites, yet ps4 has been getting steady amount of games monthly

I want to play until dawn with lights off and headphone

gone to rapture is gonna be awesome too

I 2ill also be playing god of war 3 remaster, in the end there will be chaos

S2Killinit1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I think that argument is bordering insanity at this point considering PS4 has more than twice the exclusives than xbone. Literally. More than twice.

remixx1161231d ago

True, square enix and capcom alone have more ps4 exclusives in development than the other guys have games.

OB1Biker1231d ago

Theres been many ways for the trolls but lately the trend has been to say 'Bloodborne is the only 'decent' game' sort of thing more often than not by guys who have lots of bubbles.

NeverHeavyMan1231d ago

Bubs for you! And I know exactly who you're talking about, too!

MasterCornholio1231d ago

People who claim that the PS4 doesn't have any games are not gamers in my opinion.

All systems have software that's worth playing. Whether that software is worth it to the consumer is all down to personal preferences.

ifistbrowni1231d ago

All my friends have been crying since launch about having few games...

Meanwhile, I have about a back-log of about 6 worthy retail games that I might not ever get a chance to play.

Makes me wanna just punch my friends in the throat.

showtimefolks1231d ago


so true and the thing I hate even more is how this argument is stupid for simple reason being there will always be 3rd party games. but the people who say ps4 has no games don't consider 3rd party titles games for some reason

their argument is well its a 3rd party game so it's on other consoles too. but so what if a gamer like me who only has one console can get those games and enjoy without caring who else is playing the game

majority of games of Xbox one and ps4 will be non exclusive titles, so why is it that people care so much about exclusives when majority of the games being played won't be exclusives

does a Ps4 or Xbox fans feels better knowing something is exclusive to their console? is it a ego thing maybe or that my system has more games? the logic just doesn't exist

end of the I would like awesome games to be played by as many gamers as possible. I won't get something extra if the game is exclusive to my console of choice

and just FYI the only reason I have one console is because of job and family, if I had the time I would definitely buy an Xbox one. but most of the times I get to play my ps4 like 6 hours per week so what will I gain by buying another console which will also just sit there

whatever console you own doesn't matter, end of the day we are a gaming community and we shouldn't argue or troll each other. the word personal preference just doesn't exist in most fanboys dictionary

OB1Biker1231d ago

Show very well said. I also find so ludicrous the idea that some people have that you got to have a big exclusive line up releasing in the well marketed 'holiday season' while it's already difficult to choose between so many multiplat games. I think very few people actually have time and money to play everything they would like to.

showtimefolks1231d ago

no doubt man, we have so many games to play. I have yet to play the Witcher 3 and I don't think I can get to it before summer of 2016.

for me personally I have so many games just for fall:

uncharted trilogy
god of war 3 remaster(will buy when it's 20)
fallout 4(200 plus hours easily)
mgs 5 (200 plus hours I think easily)
mad max
just cause 3
until dawn
gone to rapture

if no man sky

oh and I have yet to get batman too

so if anyone says to me what you are gonna play on ps4, I can simply say these games

in summer 2016 I would also like to play the order 1886 and drive club. I know I have been late but I have been so busy with recently gotten married and job.

so as gamers we so many games no matter which console you own. and I know when it comes to games it's all personal preference

OB1Biker1231d ago

Oh nice. Congrats and good luck. I hope she's a gamer :)
That's why I say we shouldn't classify people into a particular type of gamer. It's always evolving. Now I spend more and more time playing with my kid and can't spend as much time as I wish on the games I really want to play. Download drive Club asap I find it very cool to have a few races when I have little time to spare.

showtimefolks1231d ago

thanks man and Yeh you know what I mean with family and work, there just isn't enough time. so whatever time I do have I like to play the games I want

that's why I am avoiding Witcher 3 till next summer in hopes that by than I will have more time. isn't it funny when we single we want long games, but after marriage or a serious relationship the long games are a serious burden lol

but I have 4 open world games I must get this fall so I am not sure how I a, gonna manage

mgs 5 because it's my favorite series
fallout 4 well its fallout
mad max well I hope it's the sleeper hit like shadow of mordor was last year
and just cause 3 for just plain, simple crazy amounts of fun

see we can have mature conservations without having to deal or act like trolls

nice chatting with you

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kenwonobi1231d ago

I really love how PS4 puts out games all year long in each month. Until Dawn already here during summer is really great and convenient for me instead of waiting till Christmas.