Is The Terminator a Good Fit for WWE 2K16?

Is The Terminator being a playable character in a wrestling game illogical?

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just_looken1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

takes roids? check

old but still trying to act? check

tons of fanboy's? check

went into politics and fed thing's up? check

gets monthly blood transfusions? check

Well so far to me yeah good fit.

TheCommentator1204d ago

We're talking about the Terminator though not Arnold. The Terminator is a "human racist" and should be banned from WWE as well. /s

MSBAUSTX1204d ago

If you have to replace Hulk Hogan I would say this is the next best thing.

DeadlyFire1204d ago

Terminator Vs. Hulk Hogan dreams crushed. Words say years ago condemns life. Like people don't change their mind later.

I hope another wrestling promotion makes it to WWE's level. TNA had promise at first then it went off a cliff. I would like to see wrestling game competition again. Its been so long since WWE games have tried to impress I believe.

jmc88881204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

People are too distracted from reality.

What some 'actor' says on a personal phone call trumps reality.

Doesn't matter if millions lost their home fraudulently to Wall Street.

Or Obama made it law that they can steal your bank deposits for fraudulent derivatives.

Or that fact he murdered a 16 year old Colorado born boy without due process... and then plays the moral high road with Bill Cosby.

Or that we fund, arm, and train terrorists... only to then use them to take away our rights, bomb a couple dozen countries, and launch illegal wars that kill millions and waste trillions of dollars.

No... we can't be concerned about that 'nonsense', the true crime is Hulk Hogan said the N word on a telephone call.

Yes, I am an American, and our country is bat crap crazy. Oh is it time for the Kartrashians yet? Survivor? The Bachelor?

DeadlyFire1198d ago

Indeed. One word defines your whole character in life it appears to the media...

psplova1204d ago

I think the Predator would have fit better. /s

Shuckylad1204d ago

Wonder if he'll be back for 2k17?

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The story is too old to be commented.