Top 5 Most Gruesome Video Game Character Deaths Ever

Video Game character deaths come in all different shapes and sizes. This is one of the main reason parents are so skeptical on letting their kids play video games. Anyway, video game character deaths are sometimes so horrifying it’s a wonder if such a thing could ever really happen. Games are known to stretch imagination to the limits. That statement does not leave video game character deaths out.

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DirtyPete1182d ago

well we all now seem like monsters for enjoying these games...

OhMyGandhi1181d ago

So this about the characters of these games dying or the manner in which they kill others?

if the former: Alien: Isolation, Dead Space, FEAR, Gears of War
if the latter: Hitman, Manhunt, Naughty Bear, Condemned, Gears of War...Again.

Ace Killa 081181d ago

In the days where we have youtube embedded and other ways to share videos the article could've added them to show the deaths.