Final Fantasy XV: 2015 Release?

PS4Home: "When do you think Final Fantasy XV will be released? Do you think a delay will happen due to being incomplete or due to marketing challenges?"

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FallenAngel19841177d ago

You don't release a big demo for a game unless the full game is a long ways off until release. For example FFXII had a big demo in 2005 and released in 2006. GT5 had a big demo in 2008 and released in 2010. MGSV had a big demo in 2014 and will release in 2015.

smashman981177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I respectfully disagree I think we're seeing a different square one that is more punctual, leaner and gets business done. I think for sure we will see 15 this year if not then very early 2016

PhoenixUp1177d ago

I really don't see Square Enix releasing FFXV for 2015. If they were they would've already given us a release date already. Its not like them to give us a release date of one of their AAA only a month or two before release.

The fact that Epidode Duscae still gets updates means the final version is still a long ways off

ArchangelMike1177d ago

I think the game will release in 2017 - and that's being generouse. I doubt very much that they'll get it done, by 2016. Especially with all the localisation that they ususally do. Holiday 2017 is my guess

Irishguy951177d ago

They are localizing it already, different method has been planned since versus.

2017 is FF7 i'd say.

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_-EDMIX-_1177d ago

I think it will likely be spring 2016, if it was this year we would have a release date already. I think they are likely waiting for Sony's Paris event or TGS to announce it.

HiddenMission1176d ago

No their waiting for Gamescom that's what they've said a major marketing push starting Gamescom...why would you be starting a major marketing push if your title is still a massive way off.

Marketing blitz are only done within launch windows not 6 months ahead because impact is lost when the gap is large.

Does no one actually read the news around here...

_-EDMIX-_1176d ago

Even better, I thought they wouldn't do much at Gamescom, thats good to hear.

This is Square we are talking about, they can afford to market for a year. I don't think its coming out this fall, as Square would have already been marketing long ago for the fall, I think its likely spring or even late spring 2016.

"Marketing blitz are only done within launch windows not 6 months"

Who is to say they want only 6 months? For all we know they can market for legit 8 months maybe even longer, they can market as long as they want lol.

"only done within launch windows"? Where did you hear that bud?

They can start marketing when ever they feel like, they can afford it

Lucreto1177d ago

Late 2016 early 2017. GAF insiders say don't expect in this year or early next year.

NoctisPendragon1172d ago

GAF insiders means nothing at TGS they said the game was late 2015 .

FF XV will release before Gamescom 2016 , it is a fact since they are starting the full promotion this Gamescom .

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Damien18011177d ago

Not a chance. They just can't release a big time game like this before their fiscal year so don't expect to see it before March 2016.