EA’s Vice President: “There’s Been A Lot of Guidelines and Rules” Regarding Star Wars Battlefront

EA DICE has been developing Star Wars Battlefront since E3 2013 and of course people expected Disney and Lucasfilm to lend a hand in the development process by providing information and resources.

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Mostafeto1205d ago

I bet developing such a game based on such a big franchise can be a challenge as there is some real fanboys that can eat DICE's dev team if they don't focus on the details or got something in the world wrong. I understand why they need to follow rules.

just_looken1204d ago

Or you know the could have played the older batlefront games and improve on titles that are still being played today.

Na they only got 2 years just copy paste the levels use old assets and cut corners that is the ea way.

Summons751204d ago

You're kidding right? Pretty sure the old games did use 3D scanned models of the actual props from the movie....

But you're clearly from the future and have played the game to know it, according to you, "sucks" so who am I to argue.

MegaRay1204d ago

I hope there's only 33 rules...

MegaRay1204d ago

Other numbers are broke in my keyboard...

JasonKCK1203d ago

Yeah! to hell with them Jedi. Join the dark side.

DirtyPete1204d ago

Its gotta be tough out there making a game like this. They are taking the time and effort they need to make it good though.

Mostafeto1204d ago

Yeah exactly and I trust DICE will deliver a really good game. By the end of this year, we will have several games that might be one of the greatest games of all time, Star Wars Battlefront, Fallout 4, Mad Max, Until Dawn and Uncharted 4. Not to forget the annual franchises, AC, COD, FIFA and NBA.

just_looken1204d ago


This is its second year of development the same year its to be released time? what time

To create a game from scratch test it and polish it even on a pos frostbite engine 2 years is not taking your time.

RegorL1203d ago

Yes it is, unless you include every possible feature you and fans can think up.

Maybe even postponing things like space battles...

camel_toad1204d ago

Im betting half the staff has tattooed to the inside of their eyelids "dont screw this up".

I really hope they cant pull it off.

noksucow731204d ago

It will probably take them another 2 years to get the pc version patched up.

Antifan1204d ago

This is gonna be one bug mess. Choosing Fallout 4 over this. Wait a year for all dlc at a lower is the way to go with EA titles.

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