Life Is Strange episode 4 spoiler-free review: Dark Room | IBTimes UK

Eventually Life Is Strange had to pay off. Each episode to date has set things up wonderfully, but all the mystery, the loose ends and decisions made have to be satisfyingly brought together for the experience to feel worthwhile.

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coolbeans1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Can't wait for it to release tomorrow! :D

sprinterboy1178d ago

I'm downloading it now buddy, UK here

Kingdomcome2471178d ago

I had know clue that this was set to release tomorrow. I'm glad that I just by chance carved out some time yesterday to play through Ep. 3. I'm loving this game so far, but Ep. 3 was probably my least favorite of the episodes so far. I still thoroughly enjoyed it, though.

robtion1178d ago

Looking forward to playing this game, the demo was fun. Only a couple of months and the full game should be out and I can finally play it.

SolidGear31178d ago

This is what I'm doing as well. But I'm waiting for retail.

Clover9041178d ago

Lol, got excited when I saw this review. Thought the episode already dropped. Didn't help that when I brought up the game, it had an "episode 4" download link. I was sad once I saw that only episodes 1-3 were available.

Snappy1178d ago

One of my fav games this like really enjoying it absolute tear jerker at the end of episode 3 like