Editor Discussion – Why You Should Play Peace Walker Before Metal Gear Solid V


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is only about a month away, and it seems to be exploring new territory for Konami’s tactical stealth series. However, some fans may not realize that a lot of the mechanics in MGS V are iterations of concepts tested in Peace Walker.

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FallenAngel19841177d ago

I say play Portable Ops before MGSV and see how many concepts it really takes from that game.

Gigus1176d ago

Can't disagree there.

ArchangelMike1177d ago

I was really surprised by how much I loved Peace walker. And then when Ground Zeroes released and was like a direct sequel, it made me love Peace Walker that much more. I'd recommend playing the HD remastered version though, over the PS Vita version.Bigger screen, better controls, better visuals.

1176d ago
scark921177d ago

I agree, Peace Walker will make the story of MGSV easier to take in.

BinaryMind1176d ago

Honestly, the story in Peace Walker is kind of bad. A lot of ridiculous plot points and bad dialogue. You can tell Kojima didn't have full involvement with it.

You should at least watch the cut-scenes if you don't want to be lost with Ground Zeroes or likely, parts of the Phantom Pain as well.

Bathyj1176d ago

Ridiculous plot and bad dialogue? Was that your first metal gear, they're all like that.

I'm not saying that as an insult, outrageous scenarios and terrible acting are staples of the series.

SlightlyRetarted1176d ago

What? Kojima was so invested into Peace Walker, he almost named it Metal Gear Solid 5.

Nate-Dog1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Kojima wasn't involved much in Portable Ops, not Peace Walker. But yeah PW was shit. But in relation to MGSV it is the most important title so the article isn't wrong.

Grap1176d ago

I don't give a [email protected] about the story i played MGS4 and i didn't like the story but MGSV gameplay looks good and that's why i will buy it.

Clown_Syndr0me1176d ago

MGS4 sucked. I much prefered 2, and even more so Snake Eater.

SolidGear31176d ago

I don't understand how you could play a game and hate the story. Makes zero sense to me.

SlightlyRetarted1176d ago

It seems it's his first Metal Gear game that he played. MGS4 was a lot to take in, even for a fan. So much info and all the plot lines coming to an end. Last game timeline wise for Kojima, so he packed it full of story. Anyway it's stupid to say story sucked because you don't understand lore, story and history of games that came before.

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