Pokemon Inspired Collectems Coming to PS Vita, PlayStation 4

Enter Collectems, the latest title from tiny developer Layabouts.

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Super_Ninja1180d ago

Let me guess. You play as a guy named Nash Ketchup and fight the 8 Gym Rulers to get medals to allow you to enter the Collectems Tournament while competing against your rival, Gerry Oakley?

scark921179d ago

'Gotta Collectems All'

gokuking1179d ago

"By Lee Cooper on July 22, 2014"

This took a year to get approved???

Nonscpo1179d ago

Yeah the N4G mods must be taking the day off or something :D

KaZeDaRKWIND1179d ago

Why does this look like Gen-1 pokemon graphics? Will that really cut it nowadays?

Nonscpo1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

That' the intention of the developers, there trying to parody the horrible designs of 1st gen Pokemon on the original Game Boy.

Nonscpo1179d ago

This article is a year old! How did this get pass the N4G mods?