Why I can't stop playing Rocket League

Though it hasn't been out for long, it's already abundantly clear that Rocket League, the new game from San Diego developers Psyonix, has developed into a sleeper hit.

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The_BlackHeart__1176d ago

I will start watching eSports if this game was included.

WellyUK1176d ago

it's an ESL game now I believe, personally i'm already bored of it but it is good.

MilkMan1176d ago

Wanted to give it a try, but I heard it burns PS4 to smithereens, so Ill pass.

EinRobot1176d ago

I have been playing a lot and have had no overheating issues. They might have already patched it. PS4 version obviously

uth111176d ago

they have a patch to address that. It's only a problem if you stay in the menu too long.

get it now, it's only still free for another week

Volkama1176d ago

Problem with the menus was fixed. It still drives the fans pretty hard in-game, but no worse than things like TLOU Remastered.

Either way, you should "buy" it while it's still free.

Summons751176d ago

It's a fun multiplayer game that is really easy to pick up and learn. It's also appropriate for any age which is nice cause my little one likes to watch me play this or Splatoon and cheer me on even if I am having a horrible set of matches....though the little one is still wrapping her head around the idea of playing soccer with cars.

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