SMITE: The Free Game You Should Be Playing

Lately been smitten (see what I did there?) by a multiplayer online battle arena game, or MOBA, called SMITE. It is a free to play game on PC and is now in open beta on the Xbox One.the moargeek been playing it for a few months on the Xbox One with no prior MOBA knowledge or experience and am thoroughly enjoying it. The learning curve to the game, for those who are like me and never dabbled with any MOBAs before, is quite steep. There is a lot to learn about the items, classes, roles, and mechanics of over 60 characters that doesn’t happen in a few games. SMITE is also different from other MOBAs as it is played from the third person perspective as opposed to from a top down view.

In SMITE you choose from different mythological gods to fight against each other. There are over 60 different gods from 7 different pantheons to choose from, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Mayan, Norse, and Roman. Not all are gods, some are myths or heroes but there is definitely a good variety to choos...

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