Inkling Boy Wasn’t Always Planned for Splatoon

Splatoon's developers wanted a strong female lead for their game and at one time considered not including the Inkling Boy as a playable character.

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ShaunCameron1231d ago

Yes, because they didn't wanna upset feminists by including a male lead character to undermine the female one.

FallenAngel19841231d ago

I'm glad they did. This is called equal representation, something feminists know nothing about

wonderfulmonkeyman1231d ago

You mean Sexists.
Actual normal feminists try for equality.(they aren't always successful, but at least they somewhat know the difference.)
Extremist feminists like Anita Dirt-bag-ian are just sexists in denial.XD

rdgneoz31231d ago

Equality is great, but half the time you have people that want special privileges.

Also, thought this was fitting

As for the game, glad they put him in. The game has turned out amazing so far.

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