Street Fighter V Beta Postponed Until a Later Date

Capcom offers its sincerest apologies to everyone who participated in this first beta test.

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Septic1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Well can you imagine if this happened closer to release? It would be a massive failure. Its a beta and it happened early so that's good. I gave 343 a lot of flack over their beta mind you and they acknowledged their shortcomings with some bits of Halo 5. Now with this, there's no way Capcom can ignore the issue.

Plus, more betas should result in more refinement. If the final product is shoddy after this however, then its time to blame Sony and Capcom. Right now its extremely premature. Frustrating but a not a massive issue.

bouzebbal1203d ago

wise decision, i hope i can pull up a fight next time.
i start the beta everytime and i cant even make it to the main screen

DEEBO1203d ago

I know man i just had vent a little bit.

It sucks too because the 1st day it work then thinking everything was cool i turn off the ps4 and went to bed.

Next day it just stop working.soon metal gear will take away the pain(pain!)MGS3

loopygames1204d ago

"Additionally, we are working on a worthwhile in-game incentive for the players that participated in the first beta test. While we can’t confirm specifics just yet, we will have more details on this in the coming weeks."

I wasn't even able to log in once since I downloaded the beta. Yesterday the game would just boot me back into the PS4 dashboard after it tried contacting the server. I guess I missed out on this in game item.

Eonjay1204d ago

Actually, this is great news. By making this beta not count, there are still 3 more betas to come. This game will be rock solid when it launches.

GameDev11204d ago

lol, its not great news at all in anyway, I couldnt get in as I live in Europe. But I am still happy I can take part in the beta in the future and Id rather they get time to prepare their servers than just run out this beta because they want too

The full game is still a bit away, so I am patient enough for this beta

KwietStorm1204d ago

I don't know about great, but far too many people don't understand that every bit of data taken from a beta is a good thing, connectivity issues included.

HammadTheBeast1204d ago

Well, it's not great news lol, that would be if the beta worked. But it's acceptable news, it did it's job in letting Capcom know they needed to really work on the servers.

Kane221204d ago

people should be happy that this problem came up now instead at launch.....

spacedelete1204d ago

this problem will be at launch as well. look at Driveclub that was suppose to be a PS4 launch game then it got delayed a whole year and online still managed to be broken. but carry on being gullible.

Sora_19941204d ago

Driveclub got delayed because of quality issues and social features a beta 8 months prior to launch probably could have helped them out

1204d ago
NeverHeavyMan1204d ago

Yes, because this and DRIVECLUB are in the same boat.... -_- At least TRY to make some sense, here.

OT: That's the exact purpose of a beta. Good thing they're dealing with now, long before release!

Palitera1204d ago

People should be happy that its current build, which they thought was fit for a test, is nearly unplayable?

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The story is too old to be commented.