The 7th Guest Returns To Kickstarter via The 13th Doll

Marcus Estrada writes: "The 7th Guest was one heck of a point and click adventure game from the early 90s. With its then gorgeous pre-rendered 3D backdrops and FMV actors, it proved a popular title which spawned the sequel, The 11th Hour. Unfortunately, over the past few years, developer Trilobyte Games have been unable to successfully crowdfund a third game in the series. That's part of what makes the story of The 13th Doll surprising. You see, it's not designed by the original team or even the IP holder of The 7th Guest."

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KwietStorm1182d ago

Oh wow. 7th Guest was an experience.

deathtok1182d ago

Looks cool, nice that they got a licensing deal to make this. However, asking for a $40,000 goal with 8 people working on the game full-time gives me pause.